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Archives: May 2012

posted: Thursday May 31st - 7:45am

New Skills for a New Hire

Q: "I have a tough time developing relationships with people at a new job. I am nervous when I start, so I sometimes ask the same question twice or talk too much. Colleagues roll their eyes instead of trying to get to know me. How can I overcome this?"

workplace, new at work, nervous, woman biting lip, job suit
Most people are nervous at a new job. Create a plan with specific examples of what to do more and less of, then remind yourself of the list each day. Put a little note on the corner of your desk with prompts; make them cryptic, so a casual observer won't be able to decipher them. If you still talk too much, admit it by saying, "I tend...
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posted: Thursday May 17th - 9:36pm

Giant in the Workplace, Midget at Home

I do a stellar a job at work. It's at home that I fall on my ADHD face. Here's how I learned to do more chores without trying to become a domestic goddess.

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head that you can't shake? The other day I saw a commercial for Green Giant vegetables, and I couldn't get the jingle out of my brain. Over and over again, I caught myself thinking, humming, and singing "Ho, ho, ho, Green Giant." Instead of fighting it, I deliberately thought about green giants to trick my mind...
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posted: Tuesday May 15th - 8:49pm

Child's Meds Stopped Working Well

Q: "My son has been taking a stimulant for several years now, but recently it is no longer working as well. My son is going through puberty. Could that be affecting the medication?"

If you observe that the medication is not helping your son, you need to explore two issues. First, is your son's ADHD diagnosis correct? Has there been evidence of hyperactivity, inattention, and/or impulsivity for most of your son’s life that is present all day in any situation? Second, if the diagnosis is correct, is he taking the right medication and the proper dosage? Establishing the right dose...
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posted: Thursday May 10th - 12:43pm

504 Plan Gone Awry: What Parents Can Do

Q: My son has a 504 Plan, and the school coordinator schedules annual meetings for November. Problem is, some of the teachers don't even know my son has a 504 Plan until he is already doing poorly. School administrators won't let me change the meeting to the first or second week of school. What can I do about this?

Section 504 regulations have no provisions for when a meeting should take place. The school coordinator may be following the school's or district's own policy regarding the timing of the meetings, but there is nothing in the regulations that requires that meetings be in November or any other time of the year. Here's what you can do. The easiest thing is to provide all teachers with...
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posted: Friday May 4th - 12:00am

ADHD Speak: Terminology Explained

Q: "Can you tell me the difference between ADHD and inattentive ADHD?"

Some with ADHD are restless, find it hard to sit still, and are hyperactive. Others have trouble thinking before they speak or act. They are impulsive. Still others have trouble with attention span, and tasks that require time management and organization. They are inattentive. Doctors diagnose ADHD in people who have a chronic and pervasive history of one or more of these behaviors. We add a term...
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