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Archives: April 2012

posted: Friday April 27th - 11:16am

My Daughter Thinks She's Dumb

Q: "I've explained to my daughter how ADHD affects her, but she still thinks she's stupid. How can I make her realize that she's not?"

Try to find out why she is feeling this way. Is she getting that message from her teacher? Are her grades poor? Does she struggle with schoolwork, making her feel that she is incompetent? Fifty percent of students with ADHD also have learning disabilities. Might this be the case with your daughter? If so, have they been identified, and is she receiving help for the disability? Be...
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posted: Friday April 27th - 11:13am

Is Medication Making My Daughter Pick at Her Skin?

Q: "My nine-year-old daughter constantly picks at her skin. Her arms and legs are covered with scars, and now she is picking at her beautiful face. Can this be caused by Concerta?"

The most common cause of picking at the skin is obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Some studies suggest that the picking might be similar to a tic-like behavior. It is called tic/OCD disorder. The stimulant medications used to treat ADHD can exacerbate a tic disorder. First, stop the ADHD medication and focus on treating the picking disorder. The treatment of choice is cognitive behavioral therapy combined with an...
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posted: Wednesday April 25th - 12:00am

Don’t Yell at My ADHD Son!

Q: "My friend yelled at my four-year-old son, during a recent play date, for throwing around model train tracks. When I approached her, she said she was not yelling and that my son needs to be stronger because people are going to yell at him in life. True, but please don't yell at my kid. That's my job. Any advice?"

TerryMatlen New 120px
You are absolutely right to feel angry over your friend calling out your son. You should tell her that it is your responsibility, not hers, to discipline your child. Ask her to respect your parenting skills. If you have a no-yell policy when your child acts up, tell her that as well. You might say, "I don't yell at my children for minor things; I teach...
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posted: Thursday April 19th - 9:08am

A Big-League ADHDer Hits It Out of the Park

If attention deficit has gotten you down, pro baseballer Andres Torres will show you how to swing for the fences.

Has your ADHD teen given up hope, at 17, that he will make something of himself because he's not cutting it in school? Has your husband stopped looking for work after being fired from his last five jobs? Does your child feel alone and alienated because the world doesn't get her? It is time for them to dream again. Meet Andres Torres, a major League outfielder, New...
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posted: Tuesday April 10th - 5:06pm

What Kids Want: Children Tell You How to Make Them Happy

You're a great parent to your ADHD child. Holding on to these wise reminders will make you even better.

Sometimes life has its way with us. Your son asks how your day went when you get home from work, but the dogs are pawing you and demanding to be fed, so you say, "Later, Billy! Can't you see the dogs are going crazy?" — and you never get around to it. You tell your child, "Maybe next time," when she wants to help you...
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posted: Thursday April 5th - 9:40am

In Praise of…Praise!

The right kind of praise can create mini-Rockys, kids who keep getting up when the world knocks them down. Learn how to build real resilience in your ADHD child.

Our kids know all about criticism. Judgments are leveled at them from the moment they step over the front-door threshold in the morning until their head hits the pillow at night. Teachers, buddies, the Little League coach, Uncle Walter, the next-door neighbor — each launches, often unintentionally, his own special form of "incoming," as the military generals say, at our kids. Loving parents spend the rest...
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