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Archives: March 2012

posted: Thursday March 29th - 1:45pm

Bully: The Movie — and the Reality

A new movie offers an unflinching look at the heartbreaking consequences of bullying — an urgent concern for ADHD kids, who are at heightened risk. Has your child been singled out as a victim?

When Your ADHD Child Is the Bully
The much-publicized documentary, Bully, will debut this weekend in New York and Los Angeles. It tells the story of six families whose sons and daughters are mercilessly taunted by peers and, in some cases, physically brutalized. You probably don’t need to see the movie to know how far bullies will go to torment kids who appear, sound, or act out of the ordinary. Many kids with ADHD, LD,...
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posted: Tuesday March 27th - 3:30pm

Dosing ADHD Medications: Size Matters

A new study suggests that higher doses of ADHD stimulant medications may actually impair working memory. What every parent needs to know about the treatment trade off between hyperactivity and executive function.

If you are a parent of an ADHD child who no longer loses sleep or wrings your hands over the fact that he is taking ADHD medication, a new study on attention-deficit meds won’t necessarily send you back down the rabbit hole of worry, but it will make a parent wonder. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison performed studies on three monkeys who were given different doses...
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posted: Thursday March 15th - 3:44pm

What Do You Mean You're All Out?!?

How parents can proactively prepare for the next ADHD medication shortage.

Two months ago, the sky was falling in for parents of children with attention deficit disorder. ADHD medication shortages — Ritalin and its generic equivalents, as well as the amphetamine Adderall and its generic forms — popped up in several states. This forced parents to speed-dial doctors and dozens of pharmacies to find the medication their child depends on to manage symptoms. While some in the media...
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posted: Saturday March 10th - 7:31am

Penalized Despite ADHD Accommodations

Q: "Teachers at my son's school sometimes refuse to accept late homework, and when they do, they take off points. We have a 504 Plan that allows my son extra time on lengthy assignments and homework, but teachers say they 'interpret' that accommodation differently than I do. What can I do?"

You have two options. You could complain to school administrators about your son's teachers not following the existing 504 Plan. Or, since there is already a dispute about some of the accommodations in the plan, you should probably ask for a meeting to clarify the services and the reasons why teachers are interpreting them differently than you. I recommend that you have your son’s psychologist attend the meeting, or,...
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posted: Monday March 5th - 2:36pm

Facts About ADHD: Get ‘Em, Share ‘Em

CHADD's "What We Know" worksheets are valuable educational resources that are easy to share with those misinformed about ADHD.

Celebrate ADHD Awareness Week
Reverence for facts is under siege these days, especially in the political discourse this election season. Few contenders let the facts get in the way of a good speech that sets off headlines. And we all know that facts have been scarce in the words and thoughts of many people sounding off about ADHD. "Can't you try harder?" "Your child can sit still if you discipline him enough!" "Why...
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