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Archives: December 2011

posted: Thursday December 29th - 8:53am

ADHD Systems Built to Last

"Has anyone had success working with a coach to develop skills to manage your ADHD at work? What was your experience? Did you find it helpful? Were you able to develop lasting skills and habits that you still use today?"

Beth Main ADHD Coach Blog
ADHD coaching can be tremendously helpful in managing attention deficit in the workplace. Some of the areas typically improved include: Time management: Getting to work on time, getting started on projects, meeting deadlines, being realistic about what you can and cannot realistically deliver. ADHD task management: Keeping track of all that you have to do, and when it’s due. Setting priorities: Knowing what’s important to the...
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posted: Monday December 26th - 6:46am

No, It IS a Big Deal! Getting ADHD Validation

"When I talk to my fiancé about my challenges with ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, he offers a little advice and always throws in 'It's not a big deal,' as a kicker. He makes me feel as if my emotions are just inaccurate. I feel so isolated and misunderstood."

What’s going on between you – unwitting invalidation - is actually a very big deal, but can be addressed. I suspect that your fiancé is trying to reassure you that he loves you even as you are struggling, but by telling you "It's no big deal" he is actually communicating something completely different – that your struggles don’t matter. This type of comment is called an invalidating...
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posted: Thursday December 22nd - 6:37am

I'm Not His Maid!

"I typically just clean my 7-year-old son's room myself because asking him to do so is a sure-fire trigger for a meltdown -- the stress of which causes me to melt. Any advice on teaching him this responsibility without all the drama?"

Children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) need structure -- lots of it. And that includes strategies to accomplish tasks that may seem 'easy' or 'common sense' to others. Many children with ADHD often shut down when overwhelmed and may act out when confronted with meeting parental expectations, like cleaning their room, as they have no idea how to start and finish. By cleaning his room for him...
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posted: Tuesday December 6th - 11:47am

School-Day Medication Mistake: Who's at Fault?

"I found out that the school secretary gave my son his morning dose at noon. When he took his after-school dose, he got sick because he had too much medication in his bloodstream. What can I do about this?"

ADDitude contributor Robert Tudisco is a practicing attorney with ADHD and an expert on special education law and disability advocacy.
File a complaint with your state's department of education, stating the fact that the ADHD medication was not given to your son at the right time. Follow up with a complaint to the federal Department of Education. Request an IEP meeting -- in writing -- and have your son’s doctor spell out how and when your son should receive his medication. Formally request that the school have...
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posted: Tuesday December 6th - 10:33am

Teacher Abusing ADHD Student?

"A teacher at my child's school tied a student with ADHD to his chair because he wouldn't stay in his seat. Isn't that against the law?"

ADDitude contributor Robert Tudisco is a practicing attorney with ADHD and an expert on special education law and disability advocacy.
Rules governing restraint and seclusion vary from state to state. This issue has spawned proposed legislation to establish uniform regulations in all states. Unbelievably, only 10 states ban mechanical restraints (straps or duct tape) and the use of chemical agents (pepper spray). In 2010, a bill, the "Keeping All Students Safe Act," was introduced and passed in the House of Representatives, but it died in the...
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