My Husband Won't Open Up

"My husband never talks about problems he is having or things he feels sad about. Is that a sign of ADHD? If I talk about painful things in my life, he listens, but he hardly ever asks how I'm feeling."
The Experts | posted by Melissa Orlov

Being reluctant to bring up problems is not, in itself, a sign of ADHD. Research shows that many men have difficulty broaching emotional topics. Women initiate most conversations about feelings. Practice having constructive conversations about difficult topics. In general, constructive conversations include:

> opening softly, not aggressively, and easing into the conversation

> describing your thoughts in non-blaming "I" statements

> listening carefully (repeat back what you think you heard)

> taking time-outs if emotions get out of control.

If these don't work, see a marriage counselor.

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