Anxiety at Work

"Sometimes my brain starts racing in many directions at the office, and I lose track of the two or three things I need to get done," one reader tells us. "I freak out, even cry. How do I regain focus?"
The Experts | posted by Beth Main
Beth Main - ADHD Coach and ADDitude Blogger

Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) at work? The best thing you can do is work on regaining your composure. Attempting to problem-solve when your brain is about to explode will only hasten a meltdown. Here’s how:

  • Stop. Stop what you are doing. Change your physical location and find a quiet place to regroup -- the restroom or your car.
  • Regroup. Focus on your physical sensations, your breath, and your surroundings. What sounds do you hear? What do you feel in your stomach, your chest? Don’t move to the next step until your mind has stopped racing, and you are in the present moment.

  • Gain clarity. Identify the elements of the situation that stressed you out. Right now, what is your main priority? The desired outcome? Your very next action step toward that goal? Write it down.

If you follow those three steps, focusing on the next action step will be a lot easier, and you will accomplish more.

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