Back Off, Internet: How to Keep Your Online Agitation Down

When I was diagnosed, later in life, I was told that I had ADHD with agitation. My home computer — particularly the Internet — kept my agitation ramped up so high that I was overwhelmed by it. What can I do?
The Experts | posted by Linda Roggli, PCC

Whether it's a cute cat video or a devastating news report, the blinking lights of the Internet hijack our attention and our emotions. To ignore the lure of the Internet can be difficult; most ADHD adults need to get online in everyday life.

See whether reducing online usage correlates with lower anxiety. Try alternating days or nights of being online: Monday online, Tuesday offline, and so on. Or schedule an internet-free weekend. Note whether your feel calmer. Are things running more smoothly in the household? You might benefit from a permanent Internet vacation.


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