How Can I Keep My Child's Bedroom Free of Clutter?

My son's bedroom is so filled with clutter that we were forced to put his mattress on the floor to eliminate his under-bed space! His room is still a disaster, though — what else can we do?
The Experts | posted by Susan Pinsky

I suggest you return the mattress to a bed frame. You tried to reduce the clutter by reducing the space, when you should work on reducing the actual stuff. Besides, an eight-year-old will not remove his shoes to walk across a bed on the floor, creating a never-ending sheet-cleaning task for you.

Is there a playroom in your house? If so, move all of his toys to the playroom and leave the bedroom for sleep, clothes, and books. If there is no playroom, reduce the number of toys in his room to a number that he can pick up in less than five minutes nightly, with you standing by to lend focus and support. Encourage outdoor activity — forts in the woods and ball games at the park are good for his health and your home.


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