Cleaning Out an Overloaded Purse

I keep my purse really full, so I'm "prepared for anything" — but in reality, it's overloaded and my shoulder can't take it. What should I do to clear it out?
The Experts | posted by Susan Pinsky

Ahh! Who among us doesn’t have the dream of the perfectly organized purse? Sadly, perfection is unachievable, but with a little ingenuity, a lighter purse is possible. A purse that hurts its wearer is too big, so instead of being prepared for anything be resourceful in case of emergency. Take every item out of your purse and ask, “Do I absolutely need this?” Remove items for which the answer is “No.”

Need an aspirin or a Band-Aid? Use the office first-aid kit or buy one for your own desk. Will the world end if you don’t refresh your make-up at midday? (That eliminates a whole category.) Downsize any remaining items: Remove the brush and make do with a pocket comb. Rely on your smallest device only (your smartphone) to entertain you in the waiting room. In the end, your wallet, phone, keys, a small (four-inch-square) toiletry kit, and your sunglasses are all you need most of the time.


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