Daily Clean-Up Quickie for ADHD Executives

I am an executive with ADHD. When I get busy at work on a big project, I don’t bother cleaning up my desk every day. I share an office with a coworker whose desk is in order. Do you have a tip for a daily cleanup?
The Experts | posted by Susan Pinsky

The best times to clean your desk are between projects (putting one project away before starting another) and at day’s end. Stacking trays work well for this — scoop up all the papers for an active project and stash them temporarily in one of the trays. Arrange the trays in a vertical position, not horizontally, across your desk. At day’s end, take two minutes (no more!) to tidy your desktop before leaving.

Those with ADHD must pick their battles, and attaining perfection isn’t one of them. As long as you are considerate in keeping shared spaces (coffee station, file room, copy area) clear of your clutter, are functioning well (your supervisor is happy with your performance), and have received no complaints, I give you permission to skip everything but the nightly desk-clearing chore.


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