"Neat Tricks" — Tips for Daily Decluttering

I've heard that small bursts of daily decluttering are best for a neat home. But my ADHD makes me inclined to do it all at once, in bursts of hyperfocus. Any suggestions?
The Experts | posted by Susan Pinsky

Let’s make a distinction here. If you want a tidy home, you must spend some time daily on maintenance neatening. For decluttering, though, your hyperfocus is perfect. Set aside a day every few months to “weed” a chosen room before moving on to the next. Leave time at the end of the day to take the culled stuff to its forever home — the curb, the swap table at the town dump, or the donation bin in the drugstore parking lot. Borrowed items should be returned to the owner. If no one’s home, place them in a plastic bag and leave them on their porch. Your job is not done until the stuff is gone. Then, commit to shop only from a list. If you buy only what you need, clutter can’t accumulate and — big bonus — daily neatening will take less than a minute per room.

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