Sending an ADHD Packrat Packing

My ADHD husband is a pack rat who can’t part with anything. How can I get him to stop spreading his junk all over the house?
The Experts | posted by Susan Pinsky

Your husband is a “just in case” guy, so labels are paramount in your home. “Junk drawers” won’t work for him. Your storage must have clear designations — “tool drawer,” “office supply cupboard,” and so on. He may feel more comfortable about throwing out a random paper clip if he knows supplies are locatable and plentiful. At worst, he will be able to put the paper clip away.

For the receipts and other papers, I suggest a Slooowww Paper Garbage/Recycle Bin. This is a large basket, about the size of a milk crate, which lives in your home office and is for paper waste only. If you don’t crumple or tear the papers, they will lie flat and the crate won’t fill up. You will have to empty the crate only once a year. Your husband can toss papers in the crate and they will stay there for months. If it becomes necessary to dig through the pile for an old receipt, the papers are, de facto, in chronological order.

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