How Can ADHD Adults Get Themselves on Track with Chores?

I am a 42-year-old husband diagnosed with ADHD. I feel bad when I say I'm going to take out the trash, but then I walk right past the trash can. How can I get myself to be responsible with my chores?
The Experts | posted by Beth Main
Beth Main ADHD Coach Blog

ADHD has a way of derailing our best intentions and making us look bad. I know you want to do the right thing. Here are some suggestions to help your wife believe it, too:

1. Create a checklist of your chores and when they need to be done. Post the checklist in a prominent place and refer to it often.

2. Develop routines. I know it sounds boring, but doing the same things at the same times, in the same order, will notch the tasks in your memory. Wouldn't it be nice if you remembered to take out the trash the way you remember to brush your teeth?

3. Schedule specific times for chores. These can be clock-driven (7 a.m.) or event-driven (after dinner).

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