More Research, Please

Most of the reliable scientific information about ADHD comes from pharmaceutical companies. How can we change this?
The Experts | posted by Sandy Newmark, M.D.

Anyone who works in the field of integrative medicine is aware of the disparity in research funds for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical therapies. Unless a non-pharmaceutical company is going to make a big profit from the study on its product, it is hard to get them to fund research.

I have two suggestions for ADDitude readers:

> First, write to one of the large companies that make natural products to treat ADHD, and ask them to fund studies. A good example would be Carlson or Nordic Naturals, both of which sell large quantities of fish oil.

> Second, write to your Congressional representatives and ask them to increase the funding for NCCAM, the section of the National Institutes of Health that funds studies on alternative therapies.

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