I'll Lose My Job If I Don't Stay Motivated!

I love my job, and I know if I don't do it well, I will lose it. Still, my ADHD makes it hard for me to stay motivated. Can you help?
The Experts | posted by Beth Main
Beth Main ADHD Coach Blog

We ADDers need constant, visual reminders, or we're apt to forget why something matters when the next bright, shiny object grabs our attention. Try keeping a note, picture, object, or other kind of reminder in your line of sight as you work. Make sure it has strong appeal to your emotions.

Most ADDers need external motivation to stay on track. I mean rewards and consequences. Here's one way to attain it: 1) Figure out a way to quantify "doing your job well," and make those specifics your daily goal. 2) Decide on a short-term reward for meeting the daily goal. 3) Choose a longer-term reward for meeting the weekly goal. 4) Determine consequences for missing the goal. If you're reward-driven (you respond to the carrot), the consequence would be not getting the reward. If you're consequence-driven (you respond to the stick), the consequence could be specific, like a donation to a political party you oppose.

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