How to Form Good Habits with Adult ADHD

I have attention deficit, and I find it hard to turn goals into habits. How long does it take for an ADDer to do that?
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It takes someone about three months to form a habit, whether they have ADHD or not. The best way to form a habit is to create a "ritual" — an activity or set of activities that you keep doing the same way.

Say you're always losing your keys in your house because you put them down in different places.

Create a ritual set of behaviors: 1) walk in; 2) place keys in a designated tray; and 3) hang up your coat. At first, you may forget about doing this and put the keys in your coat pocket or drop them somewhere else. It's important that you go back and do the ritual behavior as soon as you remember to — even if you're watching TV or are in bed by that time. The act of dropping them in your holding spot will make you aware of your action the next time you enter your house.

If you keep forgetting to perform your ritual, post reminder notes where you're sure to see them.

Bonnie Mincu, M.A., MBA, certified ADHD coach

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