Appointment Help for ADHD Adults

I am a business owner with attention deficit. Can you recommend a gadget, app, or computer program that will help me avoid being late for meetings?
The Experts | posted by Sandy Maynard
Sandy Maynard

Any system will fail unless you use it consistently. Some of my clients use an old-fashioned day timer or small notebook for appointments. Whichever system you use, make sure it is small enough to carry with you at all times. When someone asks you if you are free, you can say, "Just one moment — let me check my calendar."

The major drawback to a paper system is that you can't set a timer to remind you about upcoming appointments or to tell you when to leave the office to get to an appointment on time. Another drawback is that if you lose the pad or paper, there is no backup. I recommend using a calendar on a smartphone. If you lose your phone, the calendar is backed up on your computer, and if the computer crashes, the calendar is on your phone.

Remember to use your calendar for appointments only, and make a separate "to do" list for tasks. Evernote ( is a popular app that works well for many of my clients. Most smartphones have calendars that can be color-coded, which can help you identify personal appointments.

I use my iPhone for appointments. It has a search engine that works when my brain fails. I type in the first name of the person I'm meeting with, and every person with that name comes up. If that doesn't work, I type in the last name, or ask Siri.

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