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Archives: January 2011

posted: Monday January 24th - 12:30pm

The Power of Motivation for ADHD Children

ADHD children often need incentives to complete schoolwork or do chores around the house -- especially ones they don't like -- but what kind of rewards work?

Last night I found myself in a classic standoff between parent and child. Let me set the stage for you: I love to cook and I love to eat, and this love of eating, especially over the holidays, has prompted me to try and be more mindful of nutrition, so I've been working some foods into the menu that have caused some raised eyebrows from my...
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posted: Friday January 7th - 6:00pm

How to Beat the Winter Back-to-School Blues

Is your child returning to school after a long holiday break? Here's how parents and teachers can help students with ADHD and LD adjust to school again after vacation.

I have a confession to make: I am one of those people who hangs my Christmas lights just days after Halloween. My wife won’t actually let me fire them up until Thanksgiving, but she doesn’t know that I turn them on and just stare at them when she’s at work. What can I say? They’re a shiny, sparkly visual reminder that the holidays are coming. The...
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