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Archives: December 2010

posted: Wednesday December 22nd - 11:00am

Don’t Let That ADHD Brain Hibernate Over Winter Break

Help ADHD students retain the classroom study skills and homework routines they've worked hard to build over the school year during winter break with these brain-boosting activities kids will love.

If they haven’t let out already, most schools are getting ready to close for winter break. And I am sure the best holiday gift any teacher could get this year is a couple weeks away from their students and vice versa. (There are only two times a year when I see teachers and students exhibit the same exuberance: the day before winter break and the day...
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posted: Saturday December 11th - 11:00am

How I Became the Simple ADHD Expert

Getting diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) was confusing and discouraging -- but I've dedicated my life to figuring it out.

Deep in the dark recesses of a damp basement in a stern Illinois government building, there are many X-Files-style filing cabinets, and in one there’s a file with my name on it, Ben Glenn. About 4 inches thick, filled with papers that date all the way back to the early '80s, the file reads like a novel: “A long, long time ago in a land far,...
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