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The Best ADHD Traits

I am told it gets better: teaching kids, the stock market, the economic cycles, and even love. I have a tough time believing it, but that doesn’t mean I'll stop trying.

by Jane D.

I am stubborn. This has always been a trait of mine, a very positive ADD trait. I don't give up easily, and—like many other adults with attention deficit disorder I know—when I have a passion, I go for it.

Despite losing my voice and fighting a cold, I decided to go to work on Monday. I was going to call out sick, but instead I called in late. (I had slept in, trying to fight off the strep throat with over-the-counter drugs and vitamins.) The one thing I am good at? Perfect attendance. That much I can bring to the table.

One of the hardest things about being scattered is that I know that I have all the ability in the world. Yet, without structure, I am toast and continue to sit on the fence.

Despite the struggle to cope with ADHD symptoms and to find a job, I have not lost my passion for helping others. I want to help these kids learn. When I worked under the She-Boss (not to mention the litany of bosses before her), I never felt adequate. Now, to some extent, I do. The pay cut, I think, may well be worth it. Maybe in this transition, I will slowly but steadily gain confidence back.

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