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Jane D., a professional writer with ADHD in her early 40s, blogs about dating and relationships, working and losing a variety of jobs, and surviving and thriving with attention deficit, along with depression and anxiety. She lives and works near a big city on the West Coast.

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Archives: October 2015

posted: Monday October 26th - 11:58am

When Will It Be My Turn?

Conquering the green-eyed monster starts by giving up that age-old belief that the grass is always greener in your best friend’s yard.

Dealing with Jealousy for Adults with ADHD
I am green with envy. In the past month, two of my friends have called me with the great news. The IVF worked. They are celebrating 10 years of marriage. The past few years, their greatest trouble has been crossing the finish lines of their established lives – adding a child to their happy marriages. All the while, I fought to make it out of the...
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