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Jane D., a 30-something professional writer and student with ADHD, blogs about dating and relationships, working and losing a variety of jobs, and surviving and thriving with attention deficit, along with depression and anxiety. She lives, works, and studies in a big city on the East Coast.

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Archives: June 2012

posted: Monday June 25th - 12:31pm

Indulging My Inner Three-Year-Old

When my symptoms peak and stress levels rise, I unleash the toddler within.

The three-year-old in me occasionally surfaces, mostly when the stress level builds. I blame it partly on the Hong Kong heat. The dog day summers are back, along with high humidity and tightly-packed crowds. The good news and the bad? In less than a week I will board an airplane and return to the other side of the world. I have been dreaming of a real...
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posted: Monday June 4th - 9:05am

Disposable Friendships

There's not much that's permanent in the ADHDer's world — but shouldn't my friendships be?

The relatives from hell are gone now. Yay. The trip was a success. They showed off the daughter, the fiancé, and their own new status as parents of a full-fledged MD. I gritted my teeth and grinned and struggled to be happy for them. The aunt, who is a pro at the comparison game, greeted me by asking how long I'd be on this continent for. She...
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