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Jane D., a professional writer with ADHD in her early 40s, blogs about dating and relationships, working and losing a variety of jobs, and surviving and thriving with attention deficit, along with depression and anxiety. She lives and works near a big city on the West Coast.

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Archives: June 2009

posted: Monday June 29th - 1:22pm

Commitment Phobia: Is It an Adult ADHD Phenomenon?

For people with attention deficit disorder, breaking patterns is as hard as stopping a freight train moving at high speed.

Jane D.
After Mr. Ph.D.'s rejection I had to lick my wounds and get up again. There have been countless times when I've wanted to give up on love, and yet I can't. In a city like New York, the potential for love is always in the air. Everywhere I go, I see lovey-dovey couples, and I am reminded that the last three men who I fell for...
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posted: Friday June 19th - 11:15am

ADHD and Depression Downspiraling

Deep down I knew that even if I got a job tomorrow, a decent job in the industry I love, I would not remain happy. I would fall back into being dissatisfied and miserable. Along with ADHD, there came the evil stepsisters, depression and anxiety.

Jane D.
(Warning: long post ahead) I'm sorry I've been incommunicado in the past week and the blog posts have been slow in coming. Life had taken yet another turn, and lately it has been hard to keep this blog upbeat. I had been focused — haha funny word for an ADHDer — on training for this swim around the Island of Manhattan. The big swim had been in the...
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posted: Tuesday June 16th - 12:25pm

Tantrums and Apologies

As an adult with attention deficit disorder (ADHD), I find it hard to gain control of my emotions when things don't go my way.

Jane D.
I threw yet another temper tantrum today. Lately the emotions of being unemployed and living in ADHD-driven uncertainty have gotten the best of me. I have tried to address the ongoing symptoms of attention deficit and continue to work on my makeshift rehab plan. But I’ve had enough of the bullshit and red tape from the Buddhaman’s practice. His secretary told me they called and faxed...
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posted: Thursday June 11th - 11:38am

Keys to Breaking the Patterns of ADHD

Getting unstuck from habits may help adults with attention deficit disorder move past disappointment, paving the way to healthier beginnings.

A pattern is so hard to kill. For the adult who has been diagnosed with ADHD, it is like the cockroach that refuses to die. For nearly three years, I have gone for bad boys, the people who are ambivalent and indifferent. Like Mr. Ph.D., the “friends and nothing more” swim buddy. (I still kick myself for what feels like a lost opportunity.) Now I look...
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posted: Monday June 8th - 10:16am

Slowing Down with Adult Attention-Deficit

Unemployment is a long, lonely journey. I'm sad, and desperate now for a job where my talents can be used.

Jane D.
I woke up depressed this morning. As one of the roommates observed, "You sound sad." I’m desperate for a satisfying career, and many times I wonder if God is testing me. You keep going because you hope someone will find you, and indeed there are warm pockets in the water, moments when I feel hope. It could be a talk with a friend, a word of encouragement...
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