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Jane D., a professional writer with ADHD in her early 40s, blogs about dating and relationships, working and losing a variety of jobs, and surviving and thriving with attention deficit, along with depression and anxiety. She lives and works near a big city on the West Coast.

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Archives: December 2008

posted: Wednesday December 31st - 3:01pm

Did ADHD Cost Me My Job?

I'll always wonder if my symptoms of attention deficit and anxiety led to my layoff. I'll never know.

Jane D.
It never really hurts when you are first hit by something. I remember when I slid down the stairs and my foot smashed into the concrete sea wall. I saw blood, but did not the feel the pain nor see the purple-colored bruise until a day later. I remember when my fist ran into a jellyfish during an ocean swim last summer. There was initial shock,...
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posted: Monday December 29th - 3:10pm

Pink Slipped

Dealing with an unexpected layoff in the holiday season...

Jane D.
In a split second I went from salaried professional to one of the gazillions of jobless out in the Big Bad Apple. I did not see the writing on the walls, but when I think about it closely enough there were signs. I never really liked the place. To me it was a job. It is what kept me in the city. I was one of...
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posted: Thursday December 11th - 4:58pm

Sabbatical from ADHD & Depression

I'm getting treatment, but frankly, I am bored and irritable.

Jane D.
I'm wondering if I'm getting tired of everyone, tired of even people who I'd considered friends until recent. Maybe it is the lack of sleep due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, stress, or, once again, the medication playing games with me. I keep thinking about what the group leader said in the last support group meeting for adults being treated for ADHD. He said the ADD/ADHD...
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posted: Wednesday December 10th - 2:35pm

Adult ADHD Is the Love Buster

Relationships are all or nothing for adults with ADHD. Either we're fixated, or we're bored and indifferent.

Jane D.
Looking back to the failed relationships, so common among adults with attention deficit disorder (ADD / ADHD), I can see as clearly as day that I grew bored of these guys. Bored not just because of their quirks, but because I truly lost interest—much as it is with everyone else. It is the semi-sadistic and perhaps indifferent man who catches my attention. The sister says that...
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posted: Tuesday December 9th - 11:16am

Adderall Is My ADHD Super Glue Pill

What motivates the ADHD adult to organize, prioritize, and follow through on difficult tasks and projects at work?

Jane D.
Crunch time, deadline time on the job. I got up at the crack of dawn today all prepared to be at the desk an hour early to finish a work project that I've delayed and put off for two weeks. I’ve collected all of this interesting information, but the problem is I now have to put it together. I am an ideas person, and suck...
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posted: Monday December 8th - 3:08pm

Coming Out of the ADD Closet

Tired of feeling like a slave to the regal non-ADD population, I finally spoke out about the attention deficit diagnosis.

Jane D.
It is a refreshing feeling and yet totally awesome. I finally came out of the closet and told a friend about my diagnosis of adult attention deficit disorder. The victim, as I jokingly say, is the 36-year-old super-anal swimmer friend (Triple AAA type personality), who has repeatedly crucified me for being late. Nearly a year later I am still reminded that I did not arrive on...
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posted: Tuesday December 2nd - 3:26pm

Drama Queen

The roommate blow-up, the boss fiasco, the break up. Somehow people with ADD always fall short.

Jane D.
Thanksgiving came to a fizzle and I guess we are officially into holiday season. Only this season doesn't feel very festive. It feels as blah as the gray sky. The family welcomed the pseudo-boyfriend-turned-friend with open arms. The father was extra chatty, the food on the table bountiful, and I am sure somewhere in his mind he was thinking, "Oh please, please let him take my...
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posted: Monday December 1st - 10:01am

Dreaded Mondays

I could blame this mess on my ADD, but I'm old enough to see that it's more than that.

Jane D.
As I mentioned in my last blog posting, it is over: this relationship that dragged on with the evasive boyfriend, who was all but a "yes man" but screwed me in the end by saying nothing. Of course the natural inclination is to blame it on the ADD, but now that I am old enough to see patterns in life I can see that it's a...
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