The ADDer's Drop-Off at the Pharmacy

A medication mix up becomes a chore on the long and largely useless task list.
ADHD & the City | posted by Jane D.
Jane D.

Every person who’s been diagnosed with adult attention deficit disorder—or who suspects ADHD symptoms—has felt that feeling. The feeling of failure, the near certainty of it, serving as a red flag that "you. are. different.”

Maybe you're prone to forget, likely to lose things, likely to not listen, or otherwise getting things wrong that other adults without the disorder seem to get right.

Why so grim? Well, a(nother) slip-up this week at the new part-time job reminded me that I needed to pick up the Adderall at the local pharmacy.

But today when I arrived, the pharmacist looked clueless and told me that they had shelved the order (again!), because it had been two weeks since I dropped off the prescription order.

I sighed and let out a depressing exhale. I must have looked like near-collapse, because the pharmacist—a kind man with warm brown eyes—reassured me that he'd refill the order asap.

“Please wait a second,” he says. Then he walks out with a bottle of Adderall.

A 30 day supply. The right dosage. But... what is this? "Total charge: $92." How could it be? Wasn't my pharmacy co-pay for name-brand medications $50?

No idea, call the insurance company, replies the pharmacist.

I sighed. Add that to the already endless To Do list.

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