The Ditziness is the ADD

I signed up to do this and over-committed myself yet again and again and again....
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I forced myself to do the ADD Meetup thing, but there were a paltry three members and I just wanted to get out of there. As usual the stories were the same, disorganized, losing interest, getting bored, finding new ways to organize, creating zones, buying colored bins. Most of the time I feel like I'm five years old again.

My dad gave me the cutest piece of advice a few months ago, funny yet demoralizing. "Why don't you create a daily fun hour for yourself, during fun hour you can surf the web, do whatever you want." I think of a clown, a juggler, ponies, and party bags - fun hour for a 31-year-old. And yet I feel like I need a reward of some sort, because at work I feel invisible.

There are funny things about ADD too, like this morning when my harried self asked the deli woman for a cup of ice and then iced coffee, with the ice or without? They got a good laugh out of it, not realizing that, well the ditziness is the ADD, at times I'm completely loopy.

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