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ADDitude Winter 2012: Alternative Treatments for ADHD

Winter 2012: Guide to Alternative Therapies

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Success At School
To Succeed in School, Simplify

It's a biological fact: the ADHD brain needs simplicity. Free up your child's mind to focus on learning with this streamlined approach to getting organized.

Have You Homeschooled Your ADHDer?

Many parents think about taking on their child's education themselves. Have the classroom challenges of attention deficit made you consider homeschooling?

Help Yourself to College Success

You're off at college and ready to take charge of your education. Set your sights on that diploma by stepping up to secure accommodations.

A Teacher's To-Do List

Bring out the best in kids with attention deficit with these seven simple steps for educators.

Teachers We Love: "Giving It My All"

By staying flexible and thinking creatively, this special education teacher really connects with kids with learning disabilities.

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Faith, Hope, and ADD

Many ADDers' spiritual beliefs keep them going when times are tough.

Beyond Meds

Slowing down through meditation, sharpening your child's focus with new brain games, and correcting food sensitivities can help you and your child lead a happier, more productive life.

Serenity Now!

ADDers can and should meditate--for lots of reasons.

Brain Games

Old-fashioned childhood games may be a game-changer for helping ADHD kids succeed in school and life.

Food Fixes

Eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, gluten -- these foods could be making your child's symptoms worse. Here's how to determine if they are.

Parenting ADHD Children
Your ADD Life

David Letterman has his Top 10 list. Here's mine for helping kids with attention deficit grow up happy, confident, and connected.

Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Sticky

How to help a child with sensory processing disorder.

To Tell the Truth

Four ways to help your child to fib less.

"Happy to Be Me"

Three ways to get your teen to stick up for himself.

Dads Rule

Accepting your child's attention deficit isn't always easy, especially for tough, no-nonsense fathers. This mom helped it happen for her husband and their son.

Boy Meets World

We want you to know that Dylan isn't bad or rude, just wired a little differently.

Parent-to-Parent: "When Others Say You Are Rushing to Medicate Your ADHD Child, What Do You Say?"

Life is tough enough raising a child with ADHD. The last thing a parent needs is another parent judging her when she is doing her best. Most of you feel the same way.

ADHD Adults
Late Bloomer

Before my late diagnosis, attention deficit left me feeling insecure and inept. But I'm finally coming into my own as I do adulthood right.

Messy House? Throw a Party!

Inviting friends over for dessert night finally forced me to get organized. My clean, uncluttered house was its own sweet reward.

Your Turn: What does it feel like to have ADHD?

Saying what you feel gets all the negative stuff out, so you have a clearer view of the positive. ADDitude readers give honest accounts of their journeys.

"I'm 37, and Taking Meds for the First Time"

Just-diagnosed adults have questions about stimulants. Here are the answers.

Don't Leave Home Without It

How to pack your suitcase without wanting to pack it in.

Your Turn: "My best tip for doing a great job at work is..."
Stand by Me

A mentor may be the missing link in many ADDers' treatment plan.

ADHD Treatment
Taming Tics

If your child's ADHD meds help him in school but give him a bad case of tics, here's what to do.

Your Turn: Does a pet help your or your child feel better?

A cute ball of fur, waiting at the front door, can do wonders for a child's or an adult's self-esteem and peace of mind.

In Their Words
Foods for Thought

Three tasty snacks that are good for our kids.

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