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ADDitude Summer 2014: Win with ADHD

Summer 2014: Winning with ADHD

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Success At School
The College Try: Is Your Child Ready for Freshman Year?

Solid college prep begins at home, and it doesn't happen overnight — so make a long-term plan to help your child succeed when she heads to campus.

Notes on Taking Notes

Your grades depend on taking in what's taught — so depend on these tips for writing down the important stuff, organizing it, and remembering it for the test.

Teachers We Love: "It's All About the Kids"

By building a sense of belonging and helping them stay engaged, this teacher makes sure our kids do well in high school and beyond.

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Parenting ADHD Children
How to Defuse an Angry Child

Listen with your heart to calm down your upset child.

A New Way to Sharpen Social Skills

Forget lectures. Tell a fun story to get your child to behave better.

Manage Your Teen Like a CEO

Look for the positive in your defiant teen, and act like you expect it. It changes everything.

ADDitude Asked: What is your child's favorite ADHD-friendly meal or recipe?

Mealtimes are tough times. ADDitude parents tell us the foods, snacks, and creative cuisine that their picky eaters eat.

Cyber Insecurity

My ADHD son hacks my computer.

I Was Lost, But Now I'm Found

Getting the right diagnosis for my daughter lifted the fog I lived under for 10 years.

ADDitude Asked: What would you like your child to learn in the new school year?

Social skills, self-esteem, following directions—these are a few of ADDitude parents’ favorite things for their child to master.

ADHD Adults
How to Be Best Buds with an ADHDer

Tips and strategies, from the ADHD side of the aisle, for the non-ADHD set.

Think Yourself Happy

Challenge your negative thoughts whenever they come calling.

What, Me Worry?!

How I achieved serenity, one breath at a time.

Tag! I'm It!

Certain sounds, scents, and textures drive me batty.

ADDitude Asked: What would you put on your to-do list to make yourself happy?

Managing ADHD symptoms is a full-time challenge. ADDitude readers tell us about the things that lighten their load.

Stop Calling Yourself Out

Forgetful? Missed a deadline? Instead of making excuses or taking blame, try this plan to feel good about yourself.

ADHD Treatment
The LD Link

Many parents mistakenly believe that ADHD is holding their child back in school. Think again.

When Things Don’t Add Up

If math is a nightmare for your child, he may have dyscalculia. Here's what to do.

ADDitude Asked: If your ADHD keeps you up, how do you get yourself to sleep?

Racing thoughts, worries about tomorrow, regrets about today—ADDitude readers tell us their best bets for sound sleep.

Ask the Experts
Your ADD Life

"Sound strategies" that keep the ADHD brain in tune.

In Their Words

ADDers sound off on family, work, life

Friendly Apps

Social skills training for special-needs kids.

On It!

Three apps that are up to the tasks.

The Other ADHD

It's called Concentration Deficit Disorder (cdd). It looks like inattentive ADHD, but it isn't. Here's what you should know about it.

My Doctor Got it Wrong! Did Yours?

I was certain that my son had ADHD until I found out, much later, that he didn't.

You Can Be the Decider

The ADHDer's guide to thinking clearly and choosing wisely.