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Summer 2008
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Success At School
The Home/School Checklist: Helping Teachers Help Your ADHD Child

Using a home/school checklist gives parents and teachers an easy way to coordinate the education of a child with ADHD.

Planner Pointers

A homework organizer can help a child with ADHD be a star at school.

High Marks: How a Daily Report Card Can Bring Out the Best in ADHD Children

Use this handy tool to effectively shape better behavior in the classroom for your child with ADHD.

Just for Teachers: 5 Tips to Help ADHD Kids Stay Organized

Practical solutions to ADHD students’ most common problems staying organized at school.

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Bullied No More!

The author was dissed and demeaned, as a sixth-grader, by a bully no one could control. Then he and his mom decided to double-team the tough guy into submission.

How to Bridle Bullies

Tried-and-true strategies for responding to a school bully.

Playing the Authority Card

Are you being teased? Here, a former bully victim shares how to deal with it on your own, and when it's time to tell someone.

More Carrot Less Stick

Behavior therapy accentuates the positive by giving a child productive habits to use in place of problematic ones.

Your Legal Rights

Robert Tudisco answers your questions about ADD and the law.

Your Best Life

An ADHD coach can transform your life—if he has the right approach and you’re serious about making a change.

Hiring a Coach

Important considerations every adult with ADD should make when interviewing prospective coaches.

Summer Reading Roundup

Great books that keep learning alive once school's out, selected by a school librarian and mom to an ADHD child.

Making the Right Moves!

Signing up my nine-year-old Abbey for martial arts classes worked wonders for her self-esteem.

Your ADD Life

Ned Hallowell explains how to move ahead after you've received a diagnosis of ADHD.

Life on Your Terms

You are much more than any of your successes or failures.

Healthy Living
Who's in Control Here?

How to break the cycle of video game "addiction" in your kids.

Simple Fixes

Easy summer dinners that will deliver needed nutrition to ADHD kids and take the heat off moms.

Get with the Plan

Has your teen been pleading for a cell phone? Consider the following before letting her go mobile.

Your ADD Coach
Tame Time

A coach and her ADD clients team up to create planners that will also work for you.

Can't Take Him Anywhere

It’s easy to fall into self-pity and isolation when you’re an ADHD parent. A mom shows you how to deal with both.

Let the Games Begin

Summer play builds muscle, stamina, and self-esteem.

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