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Spring 2014: The How-To Issue

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Success At School
The New Way to Study with ADHD

No more late-night cramming — research shows these study techniques help kids with attention deficit learn faster, retain more, and perform better on tests.

ADHD Secrets My Teacher Should Know

A student with attention deficit gives advice to his teacher to bring out their unified best in the classroom.

Listen Up for Learning

Make sure students don't miss a moment of instruction with these tips for drawing their focus.

Getting Kids Hooked on Learning

This teacher's advice for getting middle school kids involved in lessons: fish around until you find what sparks their curiosity.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Overwhelmed at Age 5?

How do parents let their kids be kids, while giving them all of the support they need?

"What an Angel!"

Here's a nag-free tool for getting your child with ADHD to straighten up and fly right.

Grease the Skids If Your Child Gets Stuck

Help your child move forward smoothly without getting stuck.

Your Teen Is Alright

Drop those doomsday scenarios when your teen with ADHD acts like a teen.

You've Come a Long Way, Mary

A mother rejoices in the accomplishments of her 16 year old daughter with ADHD.

Tips for Meeting the Challenges of Parenthood
ADHD Adults
Normal Is as Normal Does

Turning good moments into habits

Help Wanted? Get What You Need at Work

Learn to advocate for what you need at work through four simple steps.

Moving Forward After a Mistake

The key is to try again without feeling bad about yourself. ADDitude readers tell how they get back up after a slip-up.

Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot

You can overcome bad habits when you call them what they are.

Small Changes, Big Results

Living well with ADHD is possible with small steps.

ADHD Treatment
"You Have ADD, Too, Dad?"

A family's struggle with accepting ADHD.

Calm Down Your Sensitive Child

Sensory support helps 9-yr-old John stay on task in his daily routine.

Ask the Experts
Your ADD Life

Brain training has shown exciting promise in easing ADHD symptoms. The Atentiv System takes it to a new level, says Dr. Ned Hallowell.

"I Knew I Had ADD as an Adult When..."

Readers share their inspirational stories about the first time they knew they had ADD as an adult.

In Their Words

How actor Bex Taylor-Klaus found her niche despite ADHD.

Road Test: College Prep

Grade-A gadgets to help your child get out of bed for studying or class after high school.

ADDitude Picks for Typing Software and Apps

Software and apps to make your child a top typist.

What's Up, Doc?

Karen Barrow, a freelance health and science writer based in New York City, explains how to get the right diagnosis.

Get Things Done

Here are some of the biggest challenges that ADHDers struggle with daily, and my solutions for not letting them prevent you from getting things done.

Secrets of ADHD Treatment

Add-friendly therapies to help ADHDers succeed in life.

Let's Go Camping

Three boys with attention deficit build self-esteem and social skills at their summer camps.

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