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Winter 2016: ADHD Therapies That Work

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Success At School
The School Went Too Far This Time

Misbehavior at school — violent outbursts, in particular — requires swift, forceful action. But if a teacher's or administrator's discipline involves restraint or seclusion, it has crossed a line into abusive behavior. How to stand up for your child's rights and her safety at school.

Use This Letter to Help Teachers “Get” Your Child

Copy this sample letter to help your child's teacher better understand his strengths and weaknesses — and implement strategies that really work.

8 Reasons Teachers Should Rethink Homework

Ask your child's teacher to consider and implement these good homework practices to make nightly learning simpler and more effective — for everyone.

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Parenting ADHD Children
When Your Child Gets Out-of-Sync

Here are five “sensory tuneups” to put kids with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder in gear.

10 Tips for Smooth Sailing

Parents think the tween and teen years will be more challenging than the early years. Think again.

“OMG! I’m Failing the First Semester, Mom!”

Steps to take when your high school or college student realizes he’s in trouble.

“I Love You, Mom”

Discovering the emotional gifts of my son’s ADHD.

My Daughter, ADHD, and How Things Got Better

Our family had a rough time after our child’s diagnosis, so we hit the reset button.

ADHD Adults
I Never Knew My Sister Has ADHD

I was my younger sister’s keeper when we were kids, but I didn’t understand why she acted the way she did.

Coach or Therapist: Who Should You See First?

Many adults with ADHD are anxious to work with a coach, but some of them aren’t ready.

Help for Infomaniacs

If you just can’t stop clicking, use these tips to avoid going overboard in your digital searches.

“I Love My Job Now”

ADHD-friendly strategies to spice up boring tasks at work.

TLC for Your ADHD Brain

If your brain isn’t working, you’re not working.

Ask the Experts
Your ADD Life

Fight off boredom and increase focus on the job with these neat fidgets.

“My best tip for limiting time on social media is…”

“My best tip for limiting time on social media is...”

Loyle Carner, British musician and recording artist

An artist with ADHD sounds off on family, work, and life.

Train the Parent, Help the Child

Parents, hear this: Learning to use behavioral parent training skills is your best shot at improving your children’s behaviors.

Challenge Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

With CBT, you tackle fears, worries, and cognitive distortions to become more confident and productive.

Make Peace with Your Defiant Child

Two families battle their children’s ODD — facing defiance, violent outbursts, and the fear that their kids will never lead a “normal” life — and win the war.

The Relationship Fix

A new kind of couple's therapy gets derailed ADHD marriages back on track.

Your ADD Coach
Silence Your Harshest Critic

When high-achieving professionals with ADHD still feel that there is something wrong with them, they need to challenge those negative thoughts.