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Spring 2015: Get Organized with Technology

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Success At School
Reading Comprehension Strategies for ADHD Kids

After they turn the final page, ADHD kids can boost their critical thinking skills with these after-reading strategies.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Finding Focus

A mom wishes her son could just turn his attention on.

Turn the Page on Social Challenges

Three new picture books can help parents improve their kids' friendship skills.

A Recipe for Meeting ADHD Challenges

Working on kitchen skills can lead to better life skills.

A Crash Course in Safe Driving

If you have a need for speed, slow down and read this first.


Music helped to reset my son's ADHD/LD brain. You can use it too.

ADHD Adults

Extinguishing an ADHD impulse.

You Think You Have ADHD? Now What?

Tips for finding the right professional to diagnose your attention deficit.

A Lighter To-Do List

Stop trying to do everything yourself. Ask someone to lighten your load.

ADHD Treatment
Not to Worry

The earlier a child or adult is treated for an anxiety disorder, the better her chances of living a happier, stress-free life.

"You're So Obsessive"

OCD is a challenge to manage. Here's how to do it.

Ask the Experts
Your ADD Life

A little worry is healthy. A lot of worry can grow into anxiety. What ADHDers should know and do.

Tame Your Emotions to Get More Done

ADHDers often let their emotions rock on. Here are some tips to put you in control.

You Must Remember This

Tips for improving your working memory.

Learning Happens Here

Summer learning camps set kids up for a great school year.

Tap Into Apps

Medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and coaching are great at helping you manage ADHD symptoms. Make room for these ADD-friendly apps in your treatment plan.

Tool Time

These assistive learning apps and gadgets will move your child or teen to the head of the class.