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Fall 2015: The Success at School Bible

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Success At School
7 Sports that Bring Out the Best in Your ADHD Child

Physical activity gives everyone a boost — but certain sports may be more suited to your ADHD child's unique brain.

8 Confidence Builders for your ADHD Child

Everyone learns differently — especially children with ADHD. Helping your child find out where she excels can give her self-confidence and a positive outlook on the future.

Vitamin Power! 8 Best Supplements for ADHD

These 8 vitamins, minerals, and herbs may help boost attention and improve focus — no matter what age you are.

13 Unbendable Homework Rules For Kids With ADHD

Nightly homework got you down? Follow these 13 unbreakable rules to help your ADHD child make the most of homework time.

7 Ways To Enhance Your Kid's Study Space

The better the study space, the better the studying! Use these tricks to make your child's homework area a welcoming haven of learning.

9 Must-Have Learning Aids for ADHD Children

Looking for help for your child's reading, writing, and math skills? Check out our top picks for learning aids, geared towards kids with ADHD.

3 Apps to Sharpen Reading Skills

These apps and games will make reading a breeze for your elementary-school-aged ADHD child.

7 Homework-Helping Sites for ADHD Students

Study up with these 7 websites, designed to make daily homework, big projects, and overall organization a breeze.

4 Reading List Recommendations for ADHD Teens

If your ADHD teen isn't wild about reading, try these age-appropriate book recommendations to keep her engaged.

3 Apps To Get Homework Done Faster

Instead of wasting time on Snapchat, use these clever apps to help you study smarter and get your homework done faster.

9 Smart Study Techniques For Any Type Of Test

Use these foolproof study strategies to help your ADHD child review material more efficiently.

9 Ways to Make Sure the School Follows Through on Your IEP or 504 Plan

Securing the IEP or 504 plan is only half the battle. Here's how to make sure the school follows through.

Assistive Learning Aids: 13 Tools to Aid Reading, Writing, and Organization

ADDitude's top picks for assistive technologies that boost your ADHD child's reading, writing, and organizational skills.

11 Classroom Strategies for Kids Who Learn Differently

Four education professionals offer their picks for the best strategies teachers can use to help kids who learn a little differently.

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Parenting ADHD Children
14 Sanity Savers for Busy, Always-Juggling Parents

Help for moms and dads when the chaos threatens extreme burnout.

Going Public Made Easier

How to manage ADHD behaviors when you go out.

The Upside of Downtime

ADHD kids do the darndest things when they’re given “me time.”

“I Don’t Like Taking Meds”

Six ways to persuade your teen not to give up on ADHD medication.


Don’t tell me ADHD kids aren’t problem-solvers.

ADDitude Asked: Outsmarting a Picky Eater

How do you get your picky eater to chow down?

5 Moms I Secretly Love to Trash

They’re neater, more organized, and seemingly superior to us frazzled ADHD moms. That’s why I roast them.

ADHD Adults
Your After-Diagnosis Survival Guide

What to expect, avoid, and embrace on your way to accepting ADHD.

“I’ll Do It Later”

Get real about your magical thinking.

Do You Go Negative a Lot?

Eight ways to stop negative thinking in its tracks.

18 Tips for Keeping Ahead of Chaos

Increase the odds of winning out over disorganization.

Getting a Rein on Strong ADHD Emotions

ADDITUDE ASKED: How do you put the brakes on strong ADHD emotions, like anger?

ADHD Treatment
“I Don’t Like My Body”

If you obsess about body flaws, you may have body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Here’s what to know and do.

Your Autism Playbook

Best strategies for managing Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders in your child.

Is Your Child Out of Sync?

What you need to know about sensory processing disorder and its link to ADHD.

7 Biggest Diagnosis Mistakes Doctors Make

Many doctors are not up to speed on ADHD. That’s why you have to take the lead to get the diagnosis and treatment you deserve.

Treating The Wrong Deficit?

Not getting enough sleep — or falling short of restorative delta sleep — may be the source of your ADHD symptoms.

Your ADD Coach
“Happy Birthday, Dear! You Have ADHD!”

A game plan for helping a newly diagnosed teen.