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Winter 2014: Natural ADHD Treatment

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Success At School
"I Forgot to Remember." Working Memory Help for ADHD Kids

Does your child "forget to remember" homework, chores, spelling words, and more? Try these strategies — tested by a real ADHD mom — to improve her working memory.

Make the Grades: How to Energize Learning

Teaching them to ask questions is a great strategy to help ADHD children retain information and get excited about learning.

Visualize, Summarize, Vocalize: The Best Reading Strategies for ADHD Children

Kids enjoy reading if they can connect to the assignment — and teachers can help them do it. Here are 6 strategies for helping kids interact with what they read.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Too Much Alone Time

A mom needs a helping hand.

Take the Fear Out of Change

Big transitions are tough for kids with ADHD. These tips will make them a lot easier.

Play Therapy: Take It to the Next Level

Three expert-recommended video games to beef up your child's executive function.

Watch Out for Sex!

Smart tips for young adults with ADHD for whom impulsivity can lead to dangerous decisions regarding sex and relationships.

What Did You Just Say About My ADHD Child?!

I know all about the hurtful things people say about children with ADHD. Here's how I put them in perspective.

ADHD Adults
How to Get into the Habit

Struggles with focus, motivation, and memory make building new habits tough for ADHD adults. Try these 6 strategies to get — and stay — on track.

Lighten Up: Your Weight-Loss Guide

ADHD traits make us prone to obesity. Here's how to avoid it.

ADHD Treatment
Your Forecast: Fair and Sunny

Some ADHDers have major depression, and many more have a milder version of it. Here's how to treat both.

Ask the Experts
Your ADD Life

When one partner has attention deficit, long-term relationships can get rocky. Here are 10 tips for balancing ADHD and marriage — and keeping both of you happy.

In Their Words

ADDers sound off on family, work, life.

Apps That Help Kids Just Do It

There are many get-things-done apps for adults, but how about for kids? We found four that your kids will love and use.

Time to Shine!

A new "career lab" for ADHDers encourages teens and young adults to show off their brilliance.

Fight Back With Food

The right foods may improve ADD symptoms, reduce impulsive eating, and optimize your brain. Here's what you should (and absolutely should not) be eating to help your brain and body.

Boredom: Escape It or Shape It

These tools juice up boring tasks — at home or at work — turning them into stimulating activities that actually engage your ADHD brain.

Coach In Your Corner

You've tried medication, counseling, and a host of other therapies. Coaching might be the missing link in your treatment plan.

The Organized Life
"I'm Too Overwhelmed to Do It"

Do temporary bad moods or more serious depressive episodes derail your attempts at organization? Here are 11 simple tips you can use to clean up clutter — without getting overwhelmed.