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Summer 2016: Succeeding with ADHD
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Success At School
Summer Sums: Keep Math Skills Strong Over the Break

Your summer days are numbered — in more ways than one! Use these nine tricks to keep your child's math skills sharp, even when school is out.

"I Believe In You!" 5 Ways to Boost Students' Confidence and Self-Esteem

Great teachers know that saying the right words in the right way can turn a defeated student into a go-getter. Here are 5 communication strategies specifically scripted for students with ADHD.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Happy Meals, Happier Kids

Take the guesswork and complaining out of “What’s for dinner?” with this DIY menu board.

Learn the Right Reasons for Your Child’s “Wrong” Behavior

Knowing that your child’s misbehavior is due to his ADHD wiring will turn your discipline strategies on their head.

It’s a Man’s World — But Not If You Have ADHD

Boys should learn from girls — work hard, do what it takes to succeed, and don’t expect a handout.

The Mother of All Guilt

As the ADHD child goes, so goes the family — for better or for worse.

ADDitude Asked: How do you make the summer break fun and productive for your son or daughter?

ADDitude asked: How do you make the summer break fun and productive for your son or daughter?

Good as Gold

Under the ADHD stuff lies unexpected treasure.

ADHD Adults
The Day I Was Shamed in School, and the Moment I Left It Behind

A child who struggled to read eventually became a published author.

Rein In Your Impulsive Demons

A strategy to help you stick with good habits while resisting the bad.

Here Today, Here Tomorrow

One to-do at a time, please.

It’s About Time — Yours!

Proven strategies to get big projects and small tasks done, no matter what mood you’re in.

If a Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words…

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth 10,000!

ADHD Treatment
Toy Stories

Play therapy — with dolls, LEGOs, paint sets, and other toys and games — leads to happier, more confident kids.

Watch Out! Doctors Mistake Bipolar Disorder for ADHD

To doctors who are trained in mood disorders, ADHD symptoms can look like bipolar disorder. Don't let your doctor misdiagnose you.

Which Behavior Therapy Works Best?

Here’s a good place to start for your child with autism.

Solving the Puzzle of Your ADD/ADHD Child

Laura Stevens presents new theories for the roots of ADHD in Solving the Puzzle of Your ADD/ADHD Child: Natural Alternatives for Hard-to-Raise Children.

Time on Your Side

This new ADHD-friendly tool — called the Solve-it Grid — will help you get more done every day without feeling drained or guilty.

Inside the Aging ADHD Brain

The latest research on how the ADHD brain changes over time, the differences among normal aging, mild cognitive impairment, early dementia, and some classic attention deficit symptoms, and why it is never too late to be diagnosed and treated for ADHD.

Wonder Women

Meet six ADHD women who learned to own their ADHD symptoms and found success in the process.

Your ADD Coach
Can This Marriage Be Saved?

A wife is ready to walk out on her ADHD husband, but there may be a way to help them both see the light.