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ADDitude March 2007

February - March 2007
Success At School
Make Reading Riveting for Children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities

What parents can do to make reading more enjoyable and educational for their attention- or learning-disabled child.

A Gameplan for Homework Success

How to help your child complete his homework assignments on time and without frustrations or fights.

Succeeding in College for ADHD Freshmen

10 tips to help ADHD college students achieve academic, social and personal success.

Writing Help for ADHD LD Children

Simple tips to improve writing skills in students with ADHD or dyslexia.

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A Social Summer

ADHD/LD camps offer more than fun. They offer guidance to kids who need help making friends.

Accentuate the Positive

Want to help your children succeed in school — and later in life? Stop focusing on their weak points, and pay attention to what they do well.

Prescription for Addiction

Intoxicants are risky business for folks with ADHD. Saying u201cyesu201d to ADHD treatment is often the best defense against drug and alcohol abuse.

Parenting ADHD Children
Don't Go It Alone

Enlist the help of everyone in the family to solve everyday dilemmas.

Four Ways to Foster Your Child’s Strengths

Recognizing — and developing — your child's talents will go a long way in helping him make the most of his abilities.

A Better Way to Discipline

Tired of nagging and yelling at your children? We’ve found an easier way to get them to behave.

Three Times the, um, Fun

My on-the-go triplets never gave each other a moment of quiet time. But maybe that wasn't so bad after all.

Like Child, Like Mother

It's tricky to parent a child who has ADHD if you have the same diagnosis. But when moms help themselves, their children benefit, too.

ADHD Adults
The Good Life

After decades of self-doubt, Michael Anderson realized that he was a smart, likable guy. Now things are looking up.

Licking My Wounds

Accidents are hard to avoid, especially when door frames are always jumping out at you.

Learning to Linger

Sex is more gratifying when both partners slow down.

Appreciative You

Life is sweeter when you cultivate an attitude of gratitude — and acknowledge all the good things that come your way.

Keep It Cool

Do everyday hassles, like traffic jams or long meetings, push you over the edge? Use these techniques to stay calm and collected.

ADHD Treatment
Avoiding a Dubious Diagnosis

Doctors are often too quick to say it’s ADHD — or stop short of a full diagnosis. Watch out for these three common mistakes.

The Right Way to Diagnose ADHD

Ask yourself these four questions before considering a diagnosis of ADHD.

Does Nutrition Make a Difference?

Andrew Adesman, M.D., sheds light about what's known about the links between ADHD and nutrition.