October - November 2006
Success At School
Parent-to-Parent Support

How to connect with other parents of children with ADD to share best practices, helpful tips, and emotional support.

Study Smarter with ADHD: Homework Help for Students of All Ages

Homework help for children with ADHD. How to take good class notes, read to comprehend, and plan a test-review schedule.

Visualization Boosts Confidence

How students can use visualization techniques to improve test scores.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Helping Tweens Succeed

Whether your attention deficit tween is acting up in school, starting to run with the wrong crowd, or trying to exert more control over his life, the years between early childhood and adolescence can be turbulent. How parents can avoid and resolve conflicts.

The Power of Make-Believe

Role-playing gives our children a way to practice the skills they need to get along with others. Even bullies.

Using Behavior Therapy with Your Child

Behavior therapy works for children with ADHD if parents set specific rules for behavior, and enforce them consistently with both positive and negative consequences. Use these seven strategies to get started on the road to stronger self control – today!

Ready to Fly

Rory Manson shocked everyone when she decided to leave her small private academy to attend a big public high school. But it was the right choice.

Now I Understand

I didn’t want to believe that my son’s careless mistakes and lively personality meant ADD. Then I realized that he wasn’t the only one in the family with the diagnosis.

ADHD Adults
Boyfriends—Who Needs ’Em?

Boyfriends can be more trouble than they’re worth. For now, I've got my hands full caring for an escape-artist cat.

Looking for Work

Job interviews are tough for someone who has trouble remembering to wear matching socks. But I’m getting there.

It’s About Time

With this time-management system, you’ll turn your stagnant to-do list into a daily action plan. Get ready to start reaching important goals!

Shop ’Til You Drop No More

Ever make a “quick” run to the supermarket—and leave two hours later with an hibachi grill?

Making the Holidays...Happy

How to streamline and organize your holiday activities to maximize fun and minimize stress.

The Right Job for ADHD Adults

They say if you find the right job, you'll be happy. It sounds easy...

ADHD Treatment
Shuteye Strategies

When kids have sleep problems, so do their parents. Here’s how to make sure everyone in the house gets enough ZZZZs.

Recognizing Depression

Depression impacts 17 million Americans. Here are the most common symptoms.

Cardiovascular Screening and ADD Meds

FDA panel member Steven E. Nissen, M.D., on the cardiovascular risks of ADD medications.

Day-Planner or PDA?

Need organization help? Follow our checklist to choose the right handheld organizer solution for adults and children with ADHD.

Heard Any Good Books Lately?

Too busy to finish that 500-page novel? Audiobooks may be the stimulating, guilt-free solution.

Here’s What Works For Me...

The best solutions for daily parenting dilemmas come from moms and dads who have been there, done that. Here, ADD support-group participants from around the country share their ideas.

Pills Don’t Teach Skills

Medication helps many kids with ADHD, but research shows that meds work best when paired with alternative treatments like behavior therapy. Learn how to start using ADHD therapy at home.

Why So Sad?

Depression is nearly three times more prevalent among adults with ADHD. Here, Dr. Sherman explains what links the two conditions, and how to differentiate symptoms.

Support Groups 101

Would you benefit from joining a parent support group? Where and how can you find one? What will be expected of you? Read on...

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