June - July 2006
Success At School
Is Your Child an Active Reader?

Help your child read in an active way.

How to Improve Reading Skills in Children with ADHD or Learning Disabilities

Guaranteed tips for improving reading comprehension in children with ADHD or learning disabilities like dyslexia.

Next Stop, Camp: How to Ease the Transition for Your ADHD Child

How parents can help their ADHD kids prepare for fun at summer camp.

Teaching Time Management to Children with ADHD

Teachers' tools and techniques to help ADHD students get organized and use classroom time more efficiently.

Apps to Organize ADHD Students at School

Tools for children with ADHD that provide homework help and aid in organization and time management.

Find the Right Device at the Right Price

How to choose the right gadget to help your child get organized.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Safety Comes First

Childhood and adolescence can be dangerous times—especially for kids whose behavior is unpredictable. Here's how parents can lessen the risk.

How to Raise a Caring Child

With a little coaching, children who are accustomed to receiving help can learn to enjoy helping others.

How to Help Young Athletes

Tips to help coaches and parents bring the best out of their ADD athletes.

Evaluating Teen Programs

Considering a wilderness program or therapeutic boarding school for your child? Some important considerations.

Pulling a Christine

My ability to get into jams is rivaled only by my extraordinary talent at getting out of them.

Gabriel in the Wilderness

The decision to send our troubled teen to a therapeutic wilderness camp was heart-wrenching. Were we doing the right thing?

Getting "Spirited" Children to Behave

Parenting guru, Terry Illes, Ph.D., on how to win the discipline game.

ADHD Adults
Everyday Life Was Hard for Me

Most newly diagnosed ADDers look for coping strategies. Terry Matlen found a new career.

Make Short Work of Big Projects

It's easier than you might think to complete large, multi-step projects. The key is setting priorities and making a schedule.

What's the Hurry?

Doing two things at once takes about 50 percent longer than doing them sequentially.

Housekeeping Made Easy

Hate to dust? Do laundry? Establishing routines will help you clean the house quickly — freeing you up to do more interesting things.

Get Packing!

That long planned vacation is just hours away — and you're up late, struggling to pack?? Here's the stress-free way to fill your suitcase.

Have More Fun in Bed

No need to let impulsivity and distractibility stand in the way of a satisfying love life.

ADHD Treatment
Can Your Child Safely Take a Break from Meds?

Important considerations when pondering a "drug holiday" for your child.

Your Personal Zen Zone

If your brain naturally runs in high gear, you may need some high-tech assistance to slow it down.

Nothing Can Stop Us

Several sports stars have come forward to say they have ADD. Here, three athletes -- including the co-holder of the "world's fastest man" title -- reveal how the condition helped shape them into who they are today.

12 Chances to Be a Better Parent

Raising a child who has ADHD isn't easy. Use these parenting strategies to smooth out the rough spots and avoid common mistakes.

Finding Joy on the Job

Still searching for work that works for you? Let your strengths and passions lead the way to career success -- just as these three adults with ADD/ADHD did.

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