April - May 2006
Success At School
Classroom Rules That Keep Students' Attention on Learning

How to establish clear expectations, incentives, and consequences for all students in a classroom that fosters uninterrupted learning.

Putting Kids in Charge of Their Learning Needs

Students taught to speak up for themselves learn a lesson that extends beyond the classroom.

15 Memory Exercises for Forgetful Kids

Weak working memory impairs a child's ability to follow multi-step directions, tap into old information, or quickly recall lessons. These 15 exercises and strategies can help, particularly if your child has ADHD.

Making Amends in the Classroom

Discussing consequences that follow when rules are broken teach children responsibility and self-awareness.

ADHD Teenagers: Testing Out College Courses

High school students with ADHD or learning disabilities can benefit greatly from summer courses at a local community college.

Keep Track of Your Keys

Strategies for holding on to keys, wallets, and cell phones -- all tested by a busy and resourceful college student.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Helping Kids Who Hit

Aggressive children can be taught to keep their hands to themselves. The key is to show compassion, not condemnation.

It's a Family Affair

Make your family an ADD-friendly zone.

Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem

It's not uncommon for kids to feel bad about themselves. But parents can do a lot to make them feel better.

ADHD Adults
Feeling His Feelings — for the First Time in His Life

When his mother-in-law suggested he get tested for ADD, Jeff Hamilton did an amazing thing: He listened. And he's glad he did.

Lofty Ambitions

Climbing the world's tallest mountains has taught me a lot about focus. It's also taught me that ADD doesn't have to keep me from reaching my goals.

Deadlines Don't Have to Be Deadly

Are you having trouble completing important projects on time? So was Coach Sandy — until she hired a "nanny" to watch her every move.

Hate to Wait? Here's Help

You'll get more done - and feel a lot less frustrated - if you follow these seven time-saving, productivity-boosting strategies.

ADHD Treatment
Common Comorbid Conditions

Half of all children with ADHD are affected by another "comorbid" condition. Here's what to look for — and where to go for help.

Diagnosing Difficult Cases

When doctors have trouble arriving at a definitive diagnosis, they often turn to tests and evaluations to determine whether other conditions, like learning disorders or neurological problems, are involved.

The Natural Remedy for ADD

Research shows "green" time can lead to an increased ability to focus. Frances E. Kuo, Ph.D., on the benefits of the great outdoors for people with ADD.

Inside the ADD Mind

In his provocative new book, psychologist Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., suggests a novel way of looking at attention-deficit disorder and explains the neurological underpinnings of its symptoms.

Brain Scans: Ready for Prime Time?

Although mainstream experts are skeptical, a handful of doctors maintain that high-tech lab tests, especially SPECT and qEEG, will revolutionize the way ADD is diagnosed and treated.

When ADHD Is Only Part of the Story

If your child seems agitated or moody despite being treated for ADD, he may be suffering from another “comorbid” condition. Up to half of all kids with ADD are. Here’s how to read the signs and get help.

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