February - March 2006
Success At School
Is Your Child's IEP Working? Checking Up on ADHD Accommodations

How to take stock of your child's special-ed plan and make changes to her ADHD accommodations that will help her achieve success at school.

Reaping Rewards from Community Service

Children who help others learn to recognize their own strengths.

The Daily Report Card: Tracking School Progress for Children with ADHD or Learning Disabilities

Use this powerful parent/teacher tool to monitor the academic progress of your child with ADHD or a learning disability like dyslexia.

6 Easy Classroom Modifications to Help Students with ADHD

ADDitude's top experts recommend six proven classroom accommodations to help students with ADHD or learning disabilities stay focused and keep up with their work.

A New "Burden" for Parents

When parents and administrators can't agree on a child's IEP, families may need to turn to a due process hearing.

Shape School Behavior with a Daily Report Card

Teachers and parents of children with ADHD can use this method to spark better behavior in a hurry.

How ADHD Students Use Mind Mapping Tools at School

ADHD students can better organize term papers, clean up notes, and generate ideas with mind mapping software.

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Parenting ADHD Children
When the Words Just Won't Come Out

With the right help, even the most tongue-tied youngster can learn to calm down and speak up in class and in social situations.

Become the Parent Your Child Needs

Create an environment that helps your child overcome the obstacles in his path.

Parents Share their Advocacy Secrets

Before you talk with your son's school about receiving accommodations, read these inspirational stories of parents who succeeded in getting their kids the help they needed.

Picking a Camp Program

From "campfire camps" to recreational programs, begin your search with these helpful resources for finding the right summer program for your child.

My Money, My Mess

Someday I may become a paragon of fiscal responsibility. But I'm not there yet.

College Prep for Teens

Many colleges now offer summer programs - typically lasting a week or 10 days - geared toward preparing special-needs high school students for college.

ADHD Adults
Writing a New Chapter

Once her youngest child left home, this successful screenwriter decided to get to the bottom of her daily struggles.

Frazzled No More

After years of feeling torn in a million directions, I finally got a diagnosis. And it wasn't stress.

Whatever Happened to Good Old Singletasking?

For ADHD adults, multitasking saves time -- but can lead to costly mistakes. Expert advice on becoming more efficient by tackling just one thing at a time.

ADHD Treatment
Tracking Medical Expenses

Here's an easy way to organize the paperwork that accompanies medical treatment, and even save a little on your bills.

Trying a New Medication

If you're considering a switch from your or your child's medication due to side effects, here's what you should know.

Good Records Help You Save Money

Getting your medical paperwork in order can add up to big savings. Here's how.

When Mom, Too, Has ADD

Are you an ADD mom or dad raising an ADHD child? Organizational challenges abound when both a parent and child have attention deficit. Find tips for getting (and keeping) the household, school life, and discipline in order here.

Summer Camp: Fun! Friends! Learning?!

Summer programs for ADD kids mix recreation with just the right amount of academic support.

Saying No to Side Effects

Some ADHD medications can cause sleeplessness, loss of appetite, tics, and other side effects that no child should have to tolerate. Learn what to expect and how to adjust your child's treatment plan for best results.

Standing Up for Your Child’s Educational Rights

Public schools are required to meet the needs of every child. But some schools need a nudge.

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