August - September 2005
Success At School
Back-to-School Preparation for Children with ADHD

Expert advice to help children with ADHD start the school year off right.

Elementary School Basics

Parent and teacher strategies for a successful start at school.

Middle School Momentum

How to help ADD/ADHD middle school students with homework and classwork, social skills, and organizing.

A System for Better Classroom Behavior

Reinforce good behavior with clear guidelines, rewards, and consequences for children with ADHD.

Meds: Starting Out

New school year, new meds? Help your child thrive in-and out-of the classroom.

Meds: Expect Resistance

Don't be surprised if your middle-schooler is resistant to taking his meds. Here's your approach.

High School: Busy Days Ahead

With more choices and greater challenges, high school requires all the skills you can muster.

Meds: Tips for High-Schoolers

Medications are your responsibility now. Here are things to keep in mind.

Morning Checklist for High-Schoolers

Design a morning checklist to get your day off to a great start.

My Major Dilemma

For college students with ADD, picking a major is fraught with the same difficulties they experienced when learning to read, write, multiply, and divide.

You're on Your Own: College Success for ADHD Students

Learning how to get organized, study hard, and find balance is as essential as reading Shakespeare for ADHD college students.

Meds: Use Them Wisely in College

Have a game plan for tackling meds while in college.

Where Does the Time Go?

Create a smarter schedule – and stop wondering where the time went.

ADHD Classroom Accommodations: Guide to Getting Special Services

Eight steps for meeting your child's educational needs with ADHD accommodations at school.

How to Foster Strong Bonds with Your Child's School

Start collaborating with teachers and school administrators on ADHD accommodations for your child before the next school year even begins.

School Guidance and Gizmos

High-tech gadgets and low-tech resources to help parents and children with ADHD or learning disabilities at school.

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Parenting ADHD Children
End Household Clutter

Four simple rules will turn even the messiest kids into neatniks - and help prepare them for life on their own.

My Child Is Addicted to Computer Games!

Game-playing can boost coordination and computer literacy. Here's how to keep a good thing from turning destructive.

Calming Your Fearful Child

How to help children with anxiety.

Secrets of Better Discipline

Parenting guru Peter Jaksa on the best ways to cope with six behavioral problems common among children with AD/HD.

My Academic Game Plan

Make this school year the best ever by reflecting on past trouble spots.

ADHD Adults
The Class Clown Grows Up

ADD has certainly brought challenges to my life. But it has also given me humor and even empowerment.

Tell the World About ADD

Don't let rude or insensitive comments go unchallenged. The best way to change attitudes is to share your story.

Routine Maintenance

In the back-to-school flurry, parents too often overlook themselves. But here's my little secret: If we bring simple routines to our own lives, the children will follow.

10 Ways to Be a Better Worker

Get your career back on track with these smart strategies.

Are you working in the wrong job?

These guidelines can help you in your search for the right fit.

ADHD Treatment
Stimulants: Not Quite an Epidemic

A nationwide survey shows that a smaller percentage of college students abuse stimulant medication than previously thought.

Surrendering to Ritalin

I thought my son was fine, just the way he was. But if he was going to make it through school, something needed to change.

Fish Oil to the Rescue

Research on alternative ADHD treatments suggests a daily fish oil capsule can help curb the symptoms of attention deficit without medication. Learn more in this guide from ADDitude magazine.

7 Myths about ADHD...Debunked!

People continue to harbor mistaken beliefs about ADHD. Read on to learn the truth.

ADD at Work

Is an inability to focus hurting you on the job? A little workplace ingenuity can light your way to career success.

The (New) Big Drugs on Campus

Misuse of stimulant medications on college campuses is complicating life for students with AD/HD. Here's how we can protect our children.

Can the Right Diet Ease ADD Symptoms?

Scientific evidence is sketchy, but many affected by ADHD are convinced that nutrition can make a big difference.

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