June - July 2005
Success At School
Go for the Gold with Summer Sports

Expert advice on choosing the summer sport that’s right for your ADHD child.

'Summer School' for Social Smarts: Helping ADHD Kids Make Friends

Tips on using summer social gatherings to help your ADHD child practice social relationship skills.

Build Academic Skills Over Summer Vacation

Engage your ADHD child in summer learning to keep his academic skills sharp and help him succeed in school.

Destination: College

Rules for learning to negotiate college life, especially for teens with ADHD.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Looking Back: My Lessons to Share

One parent shares the important lessons she learned about parenting a child with ADHD.

The “Peanut Butter” Fix for Thoughtless Relatives

With a little preparation - and your favorite non sequitur - once-dreaded family gatherings can be lots of fun.

Is Your Child Ready for an Overnight Stay?

Young overnighters often fare quite well, as long as hosts are made aware of special needs. And don't forget that backup plan!

Building Confidence

Teach your child to have greater self-esteem with this exercise.

Getting Your Child to Behave

These parenting techniques will help defuse potentially explosive situations.

My Brain Wants a Lazy Summer, But I Refuse to Be Misled

For a college student coping with ADD, a summer job sounds like a real drag. It's also an absolute necessity.

My Son the Artist

Tattoos and motorcycles weren't exactly my style. But Alex lives life on his own terms - and that's something I've learned to admire.

ADHD Adults
Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You!

Military policy regarding enlistment and ADHD has changed. Learn about the newly revised standards.

Reassembling a Life

How a troubled mom perked up her marriage and reconnected with joy after getting help for her ADD.

You Don't Have to Be a Star to Need a Body Double

Difficult tasks are often easier to accomplish if someone is on hand to keep you company.

The Flipside of Distractibility

Hyperfocus can be an asset--or an obstacle. Get help with this two-step plan.

How to Relax

People with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) don't relax in the usual way -- which is why vacations don't always relax us. Here's how to ensure that your summer vacation provides the breather you need.

Feel Carefree Again

Expert advice on how to recapture the natural enthusiasm of childhood with a simple shift in awareness.

8 More Ways to Focus

Here's what you can do to make yourself and your child distraction proof.

ADHD Treatment
Be a Behavior Detective

You may have to do a little sleuthing to get to the bottom of your child's errant behavior.

The Intelligent Way to Discontinue ADHD Medication

There's a sensible way to discontinue ADHD medication. Read this if you're considering a "drug holiday" for yourself or your child.

High-Tech Helpers

7 high-tech ADHD tools and gadgets to help you get organized at work and at home.

Secrets of Focus

There are countless ways to curb distractibility. To find what works best for you and your child, be willing to experiment.

Parenting a Defiant ADHD Child

Oppositional behavior is common among kids with ADHD. How should parents respond? The answer is often surprisingly simple.

Your Little Genius

This summer, take some time to think about your child in a new way. These simple parent-child exercises will build better behavior, boost self-esteem--and bring out the inner artist in both of you.

Would You Be Better Off Without Meds?

Going off your ADHD medication can be a positive experience — or a calamity. How you approach the matter makes all the difference.

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