April - May 2005
Success At School
The Internet to the Rescue

Use the Internet to defuse the stress of a difficult assignment and promote independent learning.

Does Your ADHD Child Need a Tutor?

How to determine whether your child with ADHD needs a school tutor and find the best education options for him.

ADHD Study Tricks for Serious Wigglers

Parent-tested strategies to help your ADHD child sit still... and learn through all her senses.

Surviving Semester's End

Expert advice for avoiding panic at the end of the semester.

The Importance of Mentors

One special teacher can turn a so-so student ADHD into a lifelong learner.

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Making the Transition to Adulthood

How to help your ADD teen make a smooth transition to an adulthood with greater responsibility.

Domestic Unrest

Why adults with mild ADD may flourish at the office but flounder in personal relationships.

So Many Camps, So Short a Summer

How to choose the best summer camp for your child with ADHD or learning disabilities.

The Bottom Line: Reduce the High Cost of ADD Treatment

Despite the high costs involved, these three families got the best ADD care possible for their kids. With these simple financial strategies, you can, too.

The Dinner Date That Changed My Life Forever

A man I barely knew made the ADD diagnosis — and prompted me to finally do something about it.

My ADD Family

I do not have ADD, but I have come to admire it. It wasn't always that way. This year, I began to see ADD from a new perspective.

Mom and Dad Were Right

Finishing assignments in the nick of time worked in high school - but college is another story.

The Organized Life
Make Dinner Without Making Yourself Batty

This ADD-friendly plan uses index cards to streamline grocery shopping and give you a head start on meal planning.

Flying in the Garden

When answering the call of the wild (out your backdoor), all you need to give it is 15 minutes a day.

Healthy Living
When Parents Disagree

How to proceed when you seem to be the only one in favor of medication.

PB & J Again?

How to coax even the pickiest eater out of a seemingly endless lunchtime rut.

Introducing New Foods

Be creative and persistent, and you'll soon open your children to new foods.

Your Child's Lunch: A Snapshot

Follow this quick guide for a well balanced meal.

Your ADD Coach
Go Ahead, Make a Mess

"Controlled sprawling" boosts Adult ADD productivity without driving resident neatniks over the edge.

Unwittingly on the Offensive

Faux pas are inevitable until you learn the unspoken give-and-take that accompanies every conversation.

How to Tease-Proof Your Preteen

Kids with ADHD are twice as likely to endure bullying. This abuse really begins to sting in middle school, and hormones don't help. Teach your child show to respond to teasing.

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