February - March 2005
Success At School
The 3 Rs: Creative Learning Tricks for Children with ADHD

Is your child struggling in school? Try these teacher-tested learning strategies to help your child improve his reading, writing and arithmetic.

ADHD School Organization: A Clean Locker

Help your ADHD child with school organization skills that will help him maintain a well-organized school locker.

Managing ADHD Medication at School

All you need to know if your child needs a school-time dose of his ADHD medication.

Test Taking TIps for ADHD High Schoolers

7 simple study tricks to improve test scores for students with ADHD and learning disabilities.

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Parenting ADHD Children
A Strong Foundation

How other adults in your child's life can help her manage the greatest behavior issues and challenges of ADHD.

ADHD Adults
Little Fibs That Cause Big Trouble

Sometimes little fibs can backfire - and we can find ourselves in a big heap of trouble.

Coming Together

Simple guidelines for coming together and getting along with the group.

ADHD Treatment
Beefing Up Breakfast

The right combination of foods can mean a more focused start to your child's day.

The Truth About TV & ADD

Is watching TV linked to a rise in ADD? It's a troubling thought. But before you lock up your set, get the scoop on one of today's most controversial studies.

Raising the Bar

In the years following his ADHD diagnosis, a high-powered attorney made remarkable changes that improved his career. All of us can learn from his example.

Applications 101

Help your ADHD teen put her best foot forward when applying to college

You've Got Adult ADD…Now What?

For most adults, a diagnosis brings a cathartic sense of relief, effective treatment, and the promise of a better life.

The Pause Button

We all need a break from time to time.

So This is Normal

After half a lifetime of struggling at home and at work and dreading each new day, I feel as though a new me has been born.

Will This Be on the Test?

Sometimes securing academic accommodations for ADHD means forsaking popularity with college professors.

Find Your Feel and Make It Real

The key to happiness? Being true to yourself.

The Organized Life
Bring Your Bills Under Control

Set up this simple bill-paying system at home and watch your finances fall into place.

Flying High Above Clutter and Debt

FlyLady shows us how one hour a week can keep our money from going down the drain.

Healthy Living
A Timely Breakfast Tip for Kids

Breakfast is critical to helping your ADHD child stay focused throughout the day. Here's how one mom-and-daughter team pack a healthy meal into their busy morning.

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