October - November 2004
Success At School
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Mrs. Clean

Simple approaches to conquer clutter, one pile at a time.

Stimulant Strategies

Five rules for using ADHD medications safely and more effectively.

Room to Bloom

How can parents best help treat their ADHD teens? On diagnosing and treatment for ADD/ADHD teen behavior challenges and symptoms.

A Labor to Listen: Is it ADHD or APD?

Does your child struggle to block out background noise, follow conversations or pronounce words correctly? Is she hypersensitive to sound? She may have an auditory processing disorder in addition to, or mistaken for, ADHD.

The Other Child

A brother or sister of an AD/HD kid deserves love and attention, too.

The Paper Chase

A 21-day plan to help you complete your first big research paper of the year.

'I Realized Our Marriage Was In Trouble'

How an ADHD husband and his wife worked through the challenges to their relationship.

I 'Get' Your Son

We'd all love to find that special teacher who understands our ADHD children. I was lucky enough to come across such a classroom angel.

Teachers and Parents: Teamwork Tips

A teacher and mother of a son with ADHD shares her time-tested strategies for sparking a winning relationship with the school and teacher.

No Recess for Recess

Recess isn't an extra activity; it's an essential one for kids with ADHD.

Losing It

Losing it — whether it be the remote, car keys, or whatever — is a way of life for people with ADHD.

Meds or No Meds?

Here are some keys to keep in mind when you're considering medication for your child.

Healthy Living
Snacks in Seconds

These easy-to-prepare mini-meals fill nutritional gaps in your children's diet.

Putting the Puzzle Together

Your child's symptoms could be due to more than ADHD.

Feeding ADHD Children

These expert tips will ensure your child gets enough calories.

Your ADD Coach
The Art of Juggling

How to manage family and career when you and your child have ADHD.

Spread the Word

The more we help others understand ADHD, the more understanding they will be of those who have it.

Manners Matter

Learning the social graces provides ADHD youngsters with the structure they need to be a social success.

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