August - September 2004
Success At School
ADHD Medication for Children at School

Guidelines for ensuring your child gets her ADHD medication at school.

Help Socially Immature Kids Make Friends and Succeed at School

How to help children with ADHD improve behavior and social skills to make friends and do well at school.

ADHD at School: Helping Children Follow Directions

Strategies to help children with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) focus and sustain attention in the classroom.

Aggressive Children in the Classroom: Does Your Child With ADHD Disrupt and Throw Tantrums at School?

Help children with ADHD rein in impulsive behavior with these strategies for at school and at home.

No More Lost Books or Papers: Helping School Children Get Organized

Your child with ADHD can get and stay organized at school — with help from these solutions.

Improving Classroom Behavior: Help ADHD Children to Stop Fidgeting

How teachers and parents of children with ADHD can help them fight the fidgets and concentrate better at school and at home.

Interrupting and Impulsivity: Help Your Child with ADHD Pay Attention

How to keep your child on task, whether at home or at school.

Stop Interrupting! Better ADHD School Behavior

How teachers and parents can inspire better ADHD school behavior with help from these impulse-controlling exercises for children with attention-deficit.

ADHD at School: Turning in Assignments

How to provide the structure that your ADHD child needs to complete and submit homework assignments on time.

Is it ADHD? Checklist of 18 Symptoms

Do you have ADHD? Use this checklist to understand common symptoms and test your own behavior before seeking a diagnosis.

How to Write an IEP: Accommodations for ADHD Students

How to draft an individualized education program that will provide the accommodations ADHD students need to achieve success at school.

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Book Smart

A comprehensive collection of children's books that relate to ADHD and LD — along with take-away activities for you and your kids.

Homework 101

Minimize homework battles by creating routines for your child.

Get Organized For School

Your lesson plan: Learn the two main ingredients of academic organization, so your child can use them to ace the school year.

The ADHD Gender Gap

Too often, ADD women and girls go undiagnosed and untreated. Learn how to recognize ADHD symptoms and get help.

Fresh Start

If school was a washout last year, help your child turn things around — beginning now.

'I Almost Didn’t Make It Through High School'

When help arrived a little more than three years ago, in the form of a life coach, Rob was a willing candidate. But was he really ready to make major life changes?

ADHD and Me

A 12-year-old muses about balancing ADHD with her special abilities.

College Material

If your child has ADD, begin preparing him for college during his senior year of high school. Here's how.

The Organized Life
Creative Control

The stress-free way to make room for artwork.

Healthy Living
Pay Attention!

10 steps to improving focus and concentration at home and at school with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD).

When It’s Time to Talk

The right words can help your child feel good about taking his medication.

Your ADD Coach
Mom's School Survival Guide

Organizational strategies for ADD mothers of school children with ADHD.

Are You Listening?

A refresher course on sharpening your social-interaction skills starting with Priority Number One: Listening!

Now Hear This

Easy advice for listening — and communicating.

Ready for Class

School transitions are tough, but you can help your child gain the confidence he needs to make the grade.

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