June - July 2004
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College Bound

The leap from high school to college can be complex for students with ADHD — and their parents, too. Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to get a head start on freshman year.

How to Survive Summer Vacation

Kids with ADHD need structure, which isn't automatic in the summertime. But with the right mix of scheduling and spontaneity, June to September can be a happy break for the whole family.

It's About Time

Can you (with ADHD) and your spouse (without) get your clocks to tick in tandem? Yes, with some mutual respect and understanding.

When ADHD Might Be Something Else

Distraction. Impulsivity. Lashing out. Sensory processing disorder and ADHD have striking similarities. So how do you distinguish symptoms in your child? Start here.

Behavior Therapy: It Works!

New research reconfirms the benefits of behavior modification for kids with ADHD. Here's how parents can make a real difference — starting now.

A Place on the Planet

A writer, teacher, and handyman shares life lessons he's learned growing up with ADHD, and offers a new "label" for those with the disorder.

My Declaration of ADHD

In a twist on the landmark American document, 13-year-old Kesler declares these truths to be self-evident: that she should not be a target for jokes, that she should be symptom-free, and that she should learn in a way she understands.

Change of Scenery

A teen prepares for college — and reflects on transitions.

A Few Ounces of Prevention

Inheriting the genes that predispose a person toward ADD doesn't guarantee getting it. Here's how to ward off the disorder.

Healthy Living
'Mom, I Hurt Myself'

It’s no coincidence that kids who have ADHD get injured more often than kids who don’t. But you can help your accident-prone child stay out of harm’s way.

You're Hired! Now What?

Adjusting to a new summer job can be intimidating for kids with ADHD. Here, strategies to help your child survive — and thrive — in the workplace.

Dig In!

All kids love to play in the dirt, so gardening is a natural warm-weather activity. And for kids with ADHD, natural settings have proven therapeutic effects.

Your ADD Coach
You Do the Math

...and you can, with these helpful tips from our coach!

Math Tips

Tips for conquering your next math exam.

Great Escapes

Do your summer vacations cause you more stress than a week at the office? Carry these away-from-home strategies in your suitcase.

Play Awhile

Life on the playground presents special challenges for kids with ADHD. But you can help your child enjoy — and grow — in this fun summertime setting.

Play It Safe

Follow these tips to ensure your child's playground is a danger-free zone.

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