April - May 2004
Success At School
Schools That Work: Tuckahoe Elementary

Natural habitats double as teaching spaces at this special school.

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The Surprising Secret to Happy Days

Every parent of a child with ADHD has heard the routine about routines: All kids need structure, and kids with ADHD need even more.

Take it Outside!

For adults and kids with ADzHD, the great fitness secret may be the great outdoors. Here's how to make the most of al fresco workouts.

School of Choice

How to find the right learning environment for your child with ADD.

Play It Safe

Any exercise requires attention to safety, and exercising outdoors brings a new set of rules.

How to Coach the Coach

How to make a big difference in your child's team-sport experience.

A Giant Accomplishment

Pro baseball pitcher Scott Eyre turns his life around — and speaks out about his ADHD.

Confessions of a Golf Prodigy with ADHD

During one tough game, this professional golfer allowed his ADHD to make a surprise visit on the links.

How My Workout Worked Out

ADD occurs throughout my day, every day. But when it comes to exercising and eating right, ADD is at its worst.

When Your Spouse Has ADD

Having a partner with ADD isn't easy, but forgiving — and planning to prevent problems — is a step in the right direction.

The Organized Life
Sports Equipment Blues

How to organize your family's sports equipment in a fun, practical way.

Healthy Living
Work It Out

Exercise may battle depression even better than drugs.

“I’m Gonna Be a New York Yankee!”

Many kids with ADD long for a career in sports, but is it a pipe dream or a possibility?

Period of Adjustment

When your well-behaved child acts up all of a sudden, pay atttention. It may be more than just bad behavior, as this cautionary tale of one good boy with ADHD shows.

Your ADD Coach
Muscles and Manners at the Gym? No Sweat!

As you focus on getting fit, remember to shape up on your gym etiquette first.

This Sporting Life

Sports can be tricky for ADHD kids. But you can help your child fit in — and reap the benefits.

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