February - March 2004
Success At School
Parent Checklist: 15 Ways to Help Children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Effective strategies for raising children with both ADHD and a learning disability like dyslexia.

"Perhaps ADHD Wasn't the Only Problem."

The signs and symptoms of learning disabilities are too often mistaken for ADHD in children who struggle to read, focus, and sit still. Here's one family's story and advice for getting to the root of your child's challenges at school.

A Gift for Grant

Innovative learning technology helped this young boy with cerebral palsy learn to read and write.

Schools That Work: Community High

Innovative strategies help kids excel at this school.

Her Way with Words

This Wellesley student battled learning problems and dyslexia to earn Rhodes scholarship.

Teachers We Love: Ellen Stone Stands for Excellence

How a special ed English teacher uses innovative methods to help her students.

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Parenting ADHD Children
How I Finally Got My Act Together

A teen with ADHD wonders where the "Motivation Fairy" is when she needs her.

Life with ADHD

A documentary by Karen O'Donnell provides an intimate portrait of life with ADHD.

ADDitude Talks to Karen O’Donnell

A director and mother shares what inspired her to make a film about ADHD.

ADHD Adults
ADD Set Me Free

I was diagnosed with ADD as a medical student — and finally found the strength to pursue my dreams.

Get A Head Start on Tax Season

Dealing with financial files early means everything is right where it needs to be, once tax season begins.

4 Tips for Getting Your Taxes In Order

Tax time is right around the corner, but it's not too late to save yourself time, money and frustration with these quick tips for organization.

Paper Management 101

Stay on top of reading and paperwork with these inventive strategies for better communication.

Worried? Read This.

ADD and anxiety often go hand in hand. Here, 10 ways to help you get a grip.

ADHD Treatment
Meds, Pregnancy, and Nursing: What Should You Do?

Can your ADHD medication harm your developing fetus? Can it pass through breast milk? Critical information for mothers.

Bringing Up Bruno

How family, teachers and schools made the difference for a honor-roll student born with severe disabilities.

Bedtime Battles

Many adults don't know that it is ADHD that is keeping them up at night — or what's keeping them from waking up in the morning. Find out how to get the rest you need.

“I’m Not Hungry, Mom”

ADHD medications often trigger loss of appetite and loss of weight. Here's what to do for your child.

For the Sake of Our Children

Treatment for depression in children is critical to reduce the likelihood of suicide.

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