Winter 2013: Natural ADHD Treatment

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Success At School
Ditch the Deficit Thing

Instead of dwelling on deficiencies, what if we helped students use their talents — their abundance of abilities and skills — to help them grow and learn?

Ready to Win the Homework Wars

One way to end the nightly skirmish over homework and studying: Let your child choose the plan of attack.

Smoother Transitions for Success at School

When switching activities throws kids with attention deficit off balance, these tips will help them stay steady through times of change.

Teachers We Love: Dynamo in the Classroom

This teacher recognizes that every ADHD student is different — and builds relationships to help them learn, grow, and thrive.

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Parenting ADHD Children
The Kids Are on Time

Tired of feeling rushed, late, and unprepared – for every event every time? Ease your family's time crunch with these creative ways to teach time management to kids with ADHD.

No-Shout, No-Tears Discipline

Spanking and yelling don't help kids with ADHD learn better behavior — so try these calm, collected discipline strategies for hypersensitive kids.

Help Wanted — and Found

When your child feels bad about himself, here's how to pump him up.

How Do You Get Your Child to Start and Finish Homework?

Parents ask, "How can I make homework time less stressful and more productive?" ADDitude readers figured it out.

A Lightbulb Moment

How many trips to the bathroom does it take for an ADHD kid to switch off a light bulb?

My Son Loves the Bright and Shiny

Ken always leaps before he looks, finding treasures the rest of us pass by.

ADHD Adults
Speak the Truth

Here are 21 statements that many people are absolutely sure are true about ADHD and the medications used to treat it, but aren't.

The Matrix

I've learned to "organize" my anxiety.

Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?

Always late? People with ADHD experience time differently — and lose track of it easily. Here's how you can improve your sense of time without losing who you are.

Lighten Your Load

Eight steps to de-cluttering your bag.

Office Help

We asked: Have you requested any accommodations at work — and have they helped? Here's what you said.

How to Scratch the ADHD Itch

Chase those painful ADD feelings away with these feel-good tricks.

“I Now Pronounce You an ADD Couple”

How an ADD marriage went from the brink of divorce to a second honeymoon.

ADHD Treatment
The Amen Approach to ADD

Dr. Daniel Amen, author of Healing ADD, sits down with ADDitude to talk about diagnosing ADHD, his controversial use of SPECT scanning, and the "seven types of ADD."

Climb the Ladder with ADHD

After a coach helped this executive get in control of his paper, he hit the big time.

Ask the Experts
I Love My Partner Because...

Melissa Orlov shares inspiring words from ADHD and non-ADHD partners about their significant others.

My Top 10 Anger Management Tips for Your Child

Anger leads the list of emotions that can get your child into trouble. Here's how to manage it.

Welcome to Your ADHD Life

An explanation, finally, of why we act the way we do.

“The Biggest Thing I Ever Forgot Was...”

Readers sound off on their most memorable ADHD forgetfulness moments.


For every obstacle there's some type of solution. So if you have ADHD, it becomes your passion point to find ways to deal with it.

It’s About Time

Stay on task and on time. Impossible, you say? Not with these apps.

Three Great Art Apps

Keep the kids busy and bring out their creative side with these fun apps.

Fight Back With Food

What you eat determines how effectively your brain operates. Here are the 12 food suggestions that your or your child should follow every day.

Is Neurofeedback for You?

Know the facts before plugging into this promising therapy.

Sweat Equity

The more time and effort you invest in physical activity, the better you will manage your ADHD symptoms.

The Mind-Body Correction

A new program uses video games and physical exercise to pump up the brain and tone down ADHD symptoms.

Beyond Meds

For many experts in ADHD, using natural treatments in addition to medication is a sound, reasonable approach, provided the treatment is safe and legal.

Solving Depression

The author fought her brain battles on two fronts — ADHD and depression — and found ways to win the war.

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