Fall 2013: Success at School

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Success At School
Steps to Success for Your ADHD Preschooler

How do you keep your ADHD child focused, happy, and learning in the new world of preschool? These tips and techniques for parents and teachers will give her a running start.

Your ADHD Kindergartener: Soaring, Not Stumbling

In kindergarten your child may be encountering rules and expectations of conformity for the first time. This doesn't have to trip her up — try these tips for structure and support.

An A+ Plan for Middle School

Middle school means it's time for your teen to manage schoolwork on her own. You and her teachers play a crucial part in helping her get ready to do it.

Keep It Together in Middle School: Your Organized ADHD Teen

In middle school, students are expected to manage more of their life on their own. Here's what teachers and parents can do to help attention deficit teens get organized.

Middle School: Develop Your Child's Social Network

As your child enters middle school, friendships and peer relationships take on new importance. Here's how you can help set her up for social success.

Middle School Medication Musts

The school environment changes in the middle years, and so do the students. Your child's medication regimen may need adjusting, too.

Help Your Kindergartener Become a Social Superstar

In kindergarten, children need to learn how to make new friends and get along with students from other backgrounds — and kids with attention deficit may need more help doing it.

The Organized Kindergartener: Squared Away for Success

Your kindergartener is still working hard to refine her organization skills. Help her get (and keep) her act together with these tips to improve executive function.

Medication Musts for ADHD Kindergarteners

Is medication is part of your kindergartener's ADHD treatment? Then follow these tips to create a good plan for meds at school.

What Is Your IEP Meeting Agenda?

Contrary to popular belief, your child's school is not ultimately responsible for securing, delivering, and updating her academic accommodations for ADHD and/or learning disabilities. You are. Follow these steps to use your IEP/504 Plan meeting time wisely, and to make sure its resolutions are enacted fairly and accurately.

High School: Learning...Like a Boss

In these last few years before college, school's about to get serious — so step up your efforts for the academic win.

Be Your Own Boss for High School Success

Ready to assume the directorship of your own education? Then check out this proposal for a profitable year.

Your High School Get-It-Together Guide

This is your time to shine — so polish up your organizational skills. Try these tips for keeping track of your schedule, your stuff, and your grades.

Your Teen's Medications, Managed

As he approaches adulthood, your teen's needs are changing — is his medication regimen changing, too?

Transitioning from High School to College: A Road Map for Students and Parents

Every trip goes more smoothly when you use a road map -- the path through high school is no different. These are the steps both students and parents should take.

Making the Grade in College: Academics for ADHDers

College — it's a whole new academic challenge. Are you ready to manage classes, homework, and tests when you roll onto campus?

Smartphone Savvy for the Organized College Student

These apps and tools will help ADHDers wake up, show up, and study up at college.

ADHD at College: A Strategy for Support

For students with attention deficit, school services and accommodations are worth hanging on to — so use these tips for making sure they follow you to college.

Parents' Tough College Questions, Answered

You're concerned about your child's next big step: college. Here's advice from ADDitude's learning experts for your academic concerns.

A Master Plan for Meds at College

Books? Check! Schedule? Check! Strategy for managing your ADHD meds at college? ...Check out these tips so you can check that off your list.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Toys That Teach

How mazes, blocks, and play sets can build the friendship skills of your child with ADHD.

Pep Up Your Inattentive Kid

Tools and strategies for keeping a daydreaming child on track.

Do You Resent Your ADHD Teen?

Parenting strategies for managing the anger and guilt you may feel.

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The Power of Patience

Keep cool, and you’ll get a better handle on your symptoms.

Putting My Strengths to Work

I set strategic vision for my organization, but I also zone out in meetings and forget to send e-mails.

R U Lonely?

Many people with ADHD have trouble finding a best bud.

Your ADD Life

Alone again? Here's how to build up your social network.

ADHD Treatment
"I'm Not Hungry, Mom!"

Strategies for getting your child’s appetite back.

Is It ADHD or ASD?

Could your child with ADHD also have an autism spectrum disorder — or was the original diagnosis incorrect? Here's how to get a comprehensive evaluation — and address your child's challenges head-on.

ADDITUDE ASKED: How do you keep your energy up while managing ADHD symptoms?

Life can go off the rails as you try to attend to symptoms and hold down a job. ADDitude readers tell us how they keep on keepin' on.

Ask the Experts
What to Do When Time Flies

Download these three apps and get more done.

Girl Gone Wild?

Not really. The author thought she was just being herself -- messy, forgetful, scattered -- but it was her ADHD talking.

ADHD 2.0

What's new about ADHD? A lot, according to Yale Professor Thomas Brown. You'll think differently about the condition once you get all the facts.

The Organized Life
6 Easy Ways to Juggle All Those Balls

Structure is the glue that keeps your ADHD life from falling apart.

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