Summer 2013: The ADHD Brain

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Success At School
Handwriting Help at Home

Is your child discouraged by her own messy work? Help her show what she knows with these tips for neater writing.

Saving My Kids from School

Kids should discover, not ignore, their talents in the classroom, says this parent — but does our current educational model allow that?

Get Teachers to Work with Your Child — Not against Him

Most teachers will do anything to help your child. ADDitude readers gave us suggestions for making sure you get your child's teacher on your team.

In Their Seats, Working

Five tips to help kids with attention deficit keep their bodies and their minds poised for learning.

Encouraging Their Energy and Enthusiasm

This "master teacher" gives her kids with attention deficit confidence and resilience that will last beyond the classroom.

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ADHD Features
Emotion Connection

You cannot manage the impairments of ADHD until you understand how you process emotion. Luckily, Intuniv and Kapvay can help.

Parenting ADHD Children
"I Don't Have Any Friends"

Expert tips for using organized activities to find buddies.

Tell Me What's on Your Mind

"It's common for a child diagnosed with ADHD to expect negativity and blame when others address her problems. But you can develop a style of interacting that makes it safe for her to speak her mind." Here's how.

Best of Intentions

Our son tries hard, but doesn't always succeed. So what!

A Beautiful Mind

Medication lets my son hear his own sweet music.

Parent-to-Parent: How do you make your child feel better after the world makes him feel bad?

Sometimes the world misunderstands your wonderful son or daughter, and sends him or her into a tailspin. ADDitude readers tell you how to lift your child up and dust him off.

ADHD Adults
Avoid Social Slip-Ups

Pay closer attention to your words and actions to avoid social slip-ups.

Adult-to-Adult: "What are your best strategies for neatening up the house?"

A picture-perfect house is an impossible dream for most of us. ADDitude readers tell how they come close to having it.

Attack of the Paper Stacks!

Here's how to defeat them, one at time.

Calling Your Memory

Use your smartphone to remember more.

Advice for ADHD Newbies

Just been diagnosed? Take heart and do these things.

ADHD Treatment
"Did I Just Tweet That?"

Strategies for short-circuiting impulsive clicks online.

Healing Art

Art therapy calms down an ADHD child's racing mind and pumps up his self-esteem.

Your Turn: "What was the worst side effect you or your child experienced from ADHD medication?"

Medication helps many, but it creates problems for others that have to be solved. ADDitude readers share their stories and solutions.

Ask the Experts
Your ADD Life

What to do when your teen wants to take the reins of his ADHD treatment.

In Their Words

ADDers sound off on family, work, life.

Have a Seat

Three ADD-friendly chairs for our kids.

Laid-Back Apps

Learn to relax and to procrastinate productively.

More Attention, Less Deficit

These brain training therapies offer fun and games with a serious purpose: increasing focus.

Secrets of the ADHD Brain

Most people are neurologically equipped to determine what's important and get motivated to do it, even when it doesn't interest them. Then there are the rest of us, who have attention deficit (and the ADHD brain that goes along with it).

Leading Ladies

After an ADHD diagnosis, these six women blazed a path to success and happiness.

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