Spring 2013: The Discipline Issue

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Success At School
Tablets for Teaching

For reinforcing classroom learning, iPads and other tablet computers work wonders for ADHD students.

A Simple Plan for Student Planners

Kids with attention deficit may resist getting organized with a student planner — but our expert tips for using this tool will help even low-key learners.

Parents Speak: Accommodations That Worked for Us

You advocate and work with school to get services for your child — but are you choosing the right ones? ADDitude readers tell us which accommodations made a difference for their child.

Get Students in the Game

Every class has inattentive students — so engage them with these fun strategies for making kids more responsive.

This Teacher Puts Students in the Saddle

Mary Sharp's background in equine therapy has taught her the value of letting special-needs students hold the reins.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Better Birthday Parties

Tips for helping your ADHD child enjoy the fun and games.

On Their Best Behavior

"Evidence shows that paying more attention to relationships can change a child's behavior." These 3 behavior therapy programs aim to do just that, by focusing on (and fixing) family dynamics.

Master Everyday Stuff

An occupational therapist is a jack-of-all-trades for busy parents who are raising a child with ADHD.

"When Can I Go Back, Mom?"

Three sets of parents signed their kids up for ADHD summer camp and found that they came home smarter, more confident, and happier.

"Why So Anxious?"

"Young girls often cannot identify their feelings. Anxiety might be felt as jitteriness, a sick stomach, excessive worry, headaches, insomnia, nightmares, or general feelings of not being well." What to look for in your daughter

Your High-School Survival Guide

Don't let friends, teachers, and adults put you in an ADHD box.

More Love, Less Shout

My son can't help his behaviors, so I don't punish him for them.

Parent-to-Parent: "How do you explain ADHD to your child?"

The more kids understand about their diagnosis, the better they can manage their symptoms. Here are some explanations to help your child move toward that goal.

ADHD Adults
I Took Charge of My Brain

Procrastination has its downside. Here's how I overcame it.

Adult-to-Adult: "How has ADHD affected your relationships?"

Getting diagnosed with ADHD is usually a relief for the person herself, and for those around her. Our readers share the good and the bad about ADHD's effect on family and friends.

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Don't Let Your ADHD Get You Down

Expert strategies for getting unstuck when you're in an ADHD rut.

When Procrastination Is OK

How to get things done when you finally find your focus.

Your Digital Brain

Need a new career? Go high-tech.

ADHD Treatment
Are You Sure It's ADHD?

How to know whether your child really has the condition.

Your Turn: "What are your strategies for dealing with anxiety?"

Managing ADHD symptoms is challenging. Anxiety makes the task more difficult. Our readers give their prescriptions for cooling it when worry overtakes them.

In Their Words

ADDers sound off on family, work, life.

Gadgets You Can Wear

High- and low-tech items to manage symptoms.

The Anger Games

Stop the madness--and the arguing and blowups--with these strategies for ODD.

Meds, Meds, Meds

When it comes to treating attention deficit, good information may be the best medicine. An expert answers all your ADHD medication questions.

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