Fall 2012: Success at School

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Success At School
Make Friends, Improve Grades

Feeling alone and friendless can have a serious impact on grades. Enhance your child's social skills — and improve her classroom performance — with these expert tips.

Strength in Numbers

Facing down middle school and high school math? Help your student master mathematics with these parent/teacher tips.

On Your Mark...Get Set...Work!

Is your child a slow starter when it comes to chores or schoolwork? Spark her interest by mixing it up and making even homework fun.

Get Organized for Better Learning

Looking for a way to help your child keep track of her schoolwork? These tips for building systems and routines really make the grade.

Get Learning Down to a Science

Quiet observation and sustained attention don't come naturally to kids with attention deficit. Experiment with these ideas to unlock science for the ADHD student.

How to Cut Homework Time in Half

The amount of time spent agonizing over assignments bares no direct correlation to the quantity of knowledge and learning attained. In other words, homework that takes forever is pointless. So learn how to blast through school work with these tips for parents and teachers of children with ADHD.

Reading to Remember

Help kids remember and understand what they've read with these tips for teachers and parents.

First, Learn to Listen. Then, Listen to Learn.

Stopping, paying attention, listening — these skills do not come naturally to students with ADHD. So use these strategies to build better listening habits at school and at home.

Help the Words Flow

Do your child's great ideas get lost before they hit the page? Teach your ADDer to express himself through the written word.

Bring High School Science to Life

Energize teens in the classroom with these electrifying science-teaching strategies.

Solve for X: Algebra for the ADHDer

High school math requires high-level skills. Help your ADHD teen succeed in algebra with these problem-solving pointers.

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Parenting ADHD Children
"Am I Bad?"

Hyperactivity and impulsivity can be misread as aggression. Here are steps to take if your child has been called a bully.

"I'm Sick of Taking Meds!"

If your teen is tired of taking medication, here's how to persuade him to stick with the program.

Our World: "My best ADD-friendly meal tip is..."

Readers share their ADHD-friendly recipes and meal tips.

ADHD Adults

Having the ability to stay on top of time and tasks got your vote. But so did making friends, not beating yourself up, and finding a job where your abilities were appreciated -- and rewarded.

Bad Form

Why can't I just fill in the blanks already?


Set a minimum daily requirement for laughter -- and exceed it.

You're Hired!

Don't let your symptoms sabotage job interviews.

"Ohh, I Forgot"

Remember what you have to do in time to do it.

Your ADD Life

How to age-proof your ADHD brain.

Your Turn: How Do You Snap Out of a Bad Mood?

Some of you hit the gym or go dancing, others lose themselves in a good book or a favorite hobby, and a fair number say that a glass of wine with good friends does the trick.

ADHD Treatment
Raising Socially ADD-ept Kids

Sharpening nonverbal communication skills clears the way for friendship.

Just Down -- Not Out!

Many children are diagnosed with depression after learning they have ADHD. Here's how to lift up your child.

I Lost My Brother to ADHD

I am an ADHD expert, and I was my twin brother's safety net. Was there anything I could have done to prevent his fatal car accident?

In Their Words

ADDers sound off on family, work, and life.

Wired, Tired, & Sleep Deprived

These strategies are a great start for putting ADHD symptoms to bed.

Step Up

What can you do to get the world up to speed on ADHD? We have our suggestions, and we would love to hear yours.

2012 ADHD Awareness Week: Face Time

This year's ADHD Awareness Week theme is "The Many Faces of ADHD." In that spirit, ADDitude features 11 essays that explore the diversity, perspectives, and physiognomies of those diagnosed with the disorder.

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