Summer 2012: Making it with ADHD

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Success At School
Winning the Homework War

Have after-school assignments turned your home into a battleground? Parents share their strategies for a peaceful resolution.

Is Your Child's IEP Up to the Test?

She's bright and she works hard, but your child may still find it tough to show what she knows at exam time. Help set her up for success with these test-taking accommodations.

Boost Your Child’s Learning, ADHD-Style

Your child with attention deficit processes information differently. These specialized strategies will make the most of her abilities to maximize her learning and retention.

50 Ways to Help Learning Happen

ADHD kids learn best when the teaching style plays to their strengths. Support all types of learners with these specialized approaches.

This Teacher's All In for Our College-Aged Kids

When it comes to helping young adults adapt to life in college, this educator lays all her cards on the table.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Sideline Side Effects

"The most common side effects are appetite suppression, headache, dry mouth, and insomnia." Use these doctor-recommended strategies to address these and other common side effects of ADHD medications.

More Than Mom

Time to get reacquainted with who I used to be. How about you?

My Lovable Tough Guy

Seeing the tender side of my son.

ADHD Adults
Good Enough, Smart Enough

Four ways to muzzle your inner critic.

Daydream Believer

I've come to, quietly, love my inattentive ADHD.

"It Can't Be Time Already?"

The following tips will make it a lot friendlier.

On It!

If others constantly remind you to do something, here's how to shut them up.

How to Light a Fire Under Your Brain's Butt

We ADHDers are not dragging our heels. We’re waiting for our brain to find its sweet spot.

Your ADD Life

Help your boss help you scoot up the corporate ladder.

Too Much Information

The more stuff you filter out, the more you'll enjoy what you allow in.

My Brilliant Buds

ADD doesn't have to hold you back. Really.

ADHD Treatment
"No Medication for My Child!"

How to get everyone on board with your child's ADHD meds.

Your Child's Brain on Music

Music therapy is sound treatment for ADD kids, teaching them self-control and strengthening social skills.

Asked: Alternative Therapies

ADDitude readers are curious, determined, and always looking for new ways to control symptoms. Need proof? Read below.

It's A Woman's World

Seven bold souls persevere and succeed in doing things their way.

The Amazing Race

A Mom-Child diagnosis of AHDH turns motherhood into a sprint, a marathon, and a spiritual journey, all in one.

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